Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our house is slowly coming along

old hallway look with 2 tone faded paint and carpet. Freshly painted doors, trim and walls....much better:) are the best for coming and helping us paint that fun detailed molding

New kitchen floors
Old kitchen floors.....yuck:) so glad those are gone!
Old carpet and the starting of the new paint color...I am so happy with how the color turned out. It was harded than I thought to pick good paint colors for large rooms. Freshly painted living room with newly finished hardwood floors

Well the house is coming along. We have had a lot of great help and some hired help and it is starting to look more like our home than a 1950's old house. The hardwood floors are done!! Yippie:) The painting is part way done.....all the major areas are finished (like our master bedroom and the living room areas.) The guest bedroom and office will have to wait until after we move in to be finished....we are moving in this Thursday so we are in crunch time!! Thanks so much to my Dad, my Mom, Matt's mom Barbara, Jan, Sandy and the countless workers that have helped to make the renovations go faster for our move in date. We could not have done it without you. I will post more pictures soon....the hall bath is totally a mess. We had all of the tile removed (it was pink and mauve) and we are still in the process of cleaning up that mess and fixing the bathroom.

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cabo 2008

Matt and I had a wonderful time with Chris and Jennifer in Cabo. It was a perfect getaway right in the middle of our house renovations....of which I will post pictures of that fun mess in a few days. We needed a small break from all of the work. We fell in LOVE with Cabo. It is so beautiful there. I have been to several cities in Mexico and this is by far the prettiest location in Mexico I have seen. It is very mountainous and has very pretty scenery all around. Here are a few pictures from our trip. We can't wait to visit again. Thanks Chris and Jennifer for sharing your wonderful resort with us.

Matt and I on the sunset cruise. They took us near "Lovers beach" and the famous arch.
View of the city from our resort.

Chris and Jennifer before we went to dinner at Cabo Wabo...which by the way serves delicious food.
We visited the glass blowing factory where they produce a majority of the blown glass that we purchase from places like Pier 1. It was very cool to watch. This man was making a glass fish.
Jennifer and Chris on the sunset cruise.
Picture of the pirate ship we went on at dusk. The pirate show was kinda cheesy but the scenery was great!
The famous arch near lovers beach. The picture does not do it justice.

This is the Palmilla Golf Club....which was designed by Jack Nickalus, where Matt and Chris played golf. It was absolutly beautiful. Jennifer and I were their caddies for the day. The scenery was worth the long 18 holes of golf that they played. It got very hot at times but Jennifer and I had cold hand towels to cool off.
Chris and Matt with a cactus on the course. They were all over the place. We also saw some sort of lizard and then lots of little chipmucks....they were so cute and very fast.
Umm......the best golf cart driver ever!!

One of the prettiest holes backed right up to the ocean.

Matt's great swing...... keep your head down honey.

Matt and I in the infinity pool. In the far left corner you can see a little ship. We went on that Pirate sunset cruise one night and it was a lot of fun.
This was the view from our balcony. It was neat to watch the cruise ships come and go over the week. There was also a big shopping market place across the street where we could do some local shopping for goods and fun stuff.

Matt took this picture. Cabo is very popular for Marlen fishing. They would hang fish up all day. It was the start of heavy Marlen fishing so there were plenty of fishermen and thier catches to be seen all day. Next time we go Matt wants to go out on a fishing boat. Instead of fishing the boys opted for playing golf near the ocean. We had a great time and the week was so very relaxing. I wish I could look at scenry like that all the time. We are now back to the grind of the house renovations and wait till you see the before and after pictures of the house. It is coming along.....still not anywhere near done but getting a little face lift. More pictures to come soon.

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