Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fishing in Kaufman

Matt and his friend Chris went to Chris' family ranch in Kaufman this past weekend to do some good old fishing. Matt caught about 5 fish and Chris caught about 8. They had a great time. Matt took Ruger our lab to the ranch for some fun. Matt eventually had to tie Ruger up for awhile because he kept jumping in the lake and chasing after the lures......and scaring the fish away:) not good. I think sweet Ruger just wanted to help.

Here is Matt with his big catch of the day....a 4 lb. bass. The boys called 1/2 way through the day to ask if I would clean their fish....I knew they must be kidding.....who do they think I am. I DO NOT clean fish. They were kidding of course. They threw all the fish back into the lake as bass does not taste good. They were hoping to catch some cat fish....but no such luck today. What a fun guy day for Matt.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Fredericksburg Trip- Spring Break

Ahh...Spring break!! Last week was my week off and boy have I needed that break for a long time. My school year this year has been full of hard work as my class can be very trying at times. My sweet husband planned a trip to Fredericksburg over Spring break to give me a much needed sense of relaxation. I have never stayed at a bed and breakfast before but I loved every minute. Fredericksburg is such a cute little town filled with plenty of cute little shops.

Here is a picture of the front of the B&B that we stayed in. We stayed in the room called "the Loft". The weather was so beautiful while we were there. It made walking around the city so much fun.

Here is Matt in front of the old Dooley dime store. We went in to buy some batteries for the camera and MAN I have never seen so much variety in one store. It looked to be still family owned and operated. They had everything from batteries to bras and I am not kidding. The size of the store was really no bigger than a Walgreens. We had fun looking around at all the junk.

The Loft had 1 full bed and then a little cute daybed in the corner. I love the way the room was decorated. It felt like we were just staying at someones home. Everything was so nice and we slept like a king and queen.

Here is another picture of the room. I loved the master bed. Yall it does not look tall but I could really not get into the bed without Matt's help. They need to have a little step stool for those that are 5'3 and under I tell ya. It was fun to sleep in that bed....made you feel like a princess.

The couple that owns the B&B brought breakfast to our room in the morning. It was so yummy. The fresh fruit was a nice touch and I loved the basket that they brought the breakfast in.....too cute!

Matt and I had lunch at the famous Peach Tree tea room. It has been in business for about 30 years.....Matt's dad used to take his Mom to this resturant when they would go to visit Fredericksburg. It was so yummy. They had such a neat little bakery and gift shop attached to the resturant. This is where I bought that cute little egg cookie I used to decorate my Easter strawberry cake with.

Here is me standing next to a eagle carved out of an old tree that used to stand in front of the Fredericksburg library.....well it still does . The whole thing was carved from 1 tree. I am standing in front of the eagle because I believe in freedom......and Matt below is standing in front of the jail because he NEEDS to be locked up:) just kidding! Just look will understand:)

See is Matt in front of the old Fredericksbury jail house. I mean he is even wearing bright orange....what does that tell ya?? huh....huh... all he needs is number on his shirt. But I guess his only crime is that he planned the best trip for his wife.

On the way home from Fredericksburg Matt and I stopped to stay the night in Austin at Scott and Shannon's apartment. We had a great time visiting and catching up with them. They have a new dog named Teddy.....he is the cutest thing you have ever seen. He only weighs 2 lbs and is not any bigger than a rat but he sure is sweet. The funny thing is to see Scott take Teddy out for a walk....just looks to cute. I found this picture of Teddy extra cute...I felt like he was posing for the picture.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Hoppy Easter

I just love Easter. I love going to church with family and celebrating the ressurection of our Lord. Matt and I had a great Easter morning. Matt is ushering at church now and he leaves a little before me to greet at church and then collect the offering. I am so proud of Matt. He loves serving in our church and I love that about him. Matt and I spent Saturday getting ready for Easter lunch. We had Matt's mom and uncle over for lunch after church. I bought some tulips and other bits of decor over the past few weeks so it was fun having all of that out when they came over.

I baked a cake on Saturday. It was delicious. It was a favorite I had when I was little. My "G" (grandma on my Dads side) used to make strawberry cake for us when we were little. I was craving it so I decided for Easter dessert we would have strawberry cake with strawberry icing. Gosh it made me think of my "G" and how much I miss her. It was so yummy! I got that cute little cookie at The Peach Tea Room in Fredricksburg this past week. I thought it looked so cute on top of the cake.

Setting the table for lunch was a lot of fun. I used my new decorative china my Mom got me to match some dessert plates I already had. I also got each person their own Peter Cottentail chocolate bunny to enjoy. We enjoyed ham, green bean casserole, rolls, pasta salad and potatoes. Everybody went for seconds so I guess I was sucessful fixing my first holiday meal. I can't wait to get a house and host a big group. It was an Easter to remember.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baby Gray comes to town!

Look at this cute little dumpling. Gray and Christy and Todd came to Dallas for a few days over Spring break. It was so good to see all of them. Gray is growing so fast and she is too cute. She is looking more and more like her daddy everyday. We had dinner one night over at my Dad and Becky's house and here are a few pics we took just hanging out.

Look at sweet Matt.....isn't he doing a fine job feeding Gray. He looks like a natural and I am positive he will make a great dad someday.