Friday, October 9, 2009

Swine Flu!!

Well guess what fun friend is visiting at our guessed it the Swine flu! Matt and I had a weekend "babymoon" planned to San Antonio to stay on the River Walk but the pigs had other things in mind for us this weekend that involved me doing tons of cleaning and him laying on the couch for hours.
It all started on Wednesday this week with 3 kids in my class getting diagnosed with the Swine freaked me out a little only because I am pregnant and there is not yet a vaccine available for me to take to keep from getting it. So Wed. I called my OB and she prescribed me Tamiful so that I would not catch the Swine flu from the kids. They had my room at school sanitized and then I carried hand sanitizer on my hip like a gun:) Well Thursday Matt woke up and said he did not feel well and he was going to stay home from work. Ok...I thought no big deal, he probably has a sinus infection or something. Then at lunch time on Thursday he calls me at school and tells me he has the Swine flu and needs to stay 6 feet away from me at all times:) I mean are you kidding???...I don't want to go to work and I don't want to go home now either. So the doctor said we are not to sleep in the same bed or use the same restroom for at least 6 days:(
So there went the "Babymoon" and there went any kid of weekend spent with my hubby. I have cleaned and sanitized EVERYTHING in this house...twice!! He is sleeping in our guest room and using the guest bath. So fun for all:) Today I did a lot of shopping to avoid the house as much as this Swine flu might be costing him a pretty penny:) JK!! Hopefully his days of being contagious are almost over. I have never washed my hands so much or used so many cleaners that "kill the flu" virus in my life. At home now and at school I carry a can of Lysol like it is my best friend.
Happy Friday to all and enjoy your weekend in your Swine free home:)

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