Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well I feel like I need a rewind button on parts of this year. I like to make sure that I blog several times per month so I can save these precious memories. Well with all the craziness of the past few months, I have just fallen so far behind. So for those of you eating a candy cane and singing Jingle Bells in your head while reading this post.... sorry b/c I am going to be talking candy corn and all things spooky!! Here is a picture of our pumpkin all lit up on Halloween night....its on the left if you can't see which pumpkin it is. Matt and Layton... mainly Matt...was so proud. Layton loved every bit of the pumpkin carving experience. Can't wait until next year when he can tell me what he is thinking.
Love this little pumpkin so much. Man it is like a game to get Layton to look at the camera at the same time mommy is looking at the camera.

Up close picture of two of the cutest pumpkins! Layton was a duck this year and the striped leggings were hilarious on him. He really was one cute duck! We took Layton to our church carnival and he had so much fun looking around at all the kids, animals and of course tasting some yummy food.

More pictures of the pumpkin carving madness...sorry they are out of order. I am working on precious nap time and this Mommy has no time to redo this post. Layton of course stuck the pumpkin and the seeds in his mouth...because that is where EVERYTHING off the ground goes...in the mouth!

watching Daddy carve....he was so good about sitting right there and watching and sampling some of the pumpkin of course.

Oh mom....you are going to regret this!!! Might I add he loved the few bites I gave him so much that he was making a sucking noise with his lips after each bite. I was so funny to watch.

These two precious animals are the best of buddies. They are only 4 days apart and they always have so much fun every Sunday night playing together at our Bible study group. Little Kaylee makes one cute little elephant!
Silly picture of Layton at our neighborhood carnival

Well that was a very fast preview of Oct. more of Nov. to come later this week!

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