Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Layton's baby shower

My dear friends Karla, Christy (my sister), Jenny, Jennifer, Sandy and Michele threw me a sweet baby shower a few weekends ago for Layton. I had lots of fun and got some wonderful gifts for Layton. It is amazing to me how many things you need to have a baby. Layton's room was pretty much empty except for decortations when everyone got there and when they left his room was full. What a blessing!!! Of course I am so proud of all of his new Texas Tech gear...thank you Susan and Leslie!! Matt also sent an outfit to the shower to show his love for the Dallas Cowboys...it was a really cute little outfit and had LAYTON's name on the back of the outfit. I know that Matt can't wait to watch football with his little boy. Layton already has so many little sports outfits it is kinda funny.

Here is a picture of the cute cake....so yummy I might add.

The food was all so yummy and all of the girls worked so hard on everything....what sweet friends that I have. Thanks to everyone that came to the shower and showered us with gifts...Matt and I feel so blessed. We can't wait to meet our little boy and share him with all of you.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pictures of Layton

Well friends I am still behind on my blogging...I just can't seem to get caught up! Working and being tired and pregnant leave me wanting to just sit and do nothing at the end of the day. I did want to show you 2 new pictures of Layton. I am 29 almost 30 weeks pregnant and I feel every bit of it. Everyone keeps telling me oh just wait...so I am waiting for it to get really uncomfortable but it is not a walk in the park right now either:) Here are two 4-D pictures they gave me from my appointment last Thursday. He is growing so fast...he actually is measuring big...he already weights 3.5 lbs...which scares me to death but at least he is healthy. Dr. Campbell predicts he will be at least 8lbs if not more.
They are hard to see but it is fun to look at them. I can't wait until I can actually see that sweet face and hold him in my arms. At least technology has advanced and it can give you a little sneak peek into the womb and see their sweet face. Coming soon...maybe today...pictures from the baby shower and his room.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

2 of the best years of my life:)

Tomorrow, Nov. 3rd Matt and I will celebrate 2 wonderful years of marriage. I get so excited for special days but really every day that I spend with my sweet husband is a blessing. It is amazing to me that it has already been two wonderful years...they flew by so quickly but they were so much fun. Matt is such an amazing man of God and such a wonderful husband to me. I feel so blessed each day that the Lord brought Matt in my life....and what a gift he is. Matt and I have had a great year and it has been full of wonderful times and some tough times but all of our experiences make our marriage closer and stronger. I have tons of nicknames that I use for Matt so....BoBo, Bubbie and the many others names I have for you....I love you more and more each day. Thank you for always being there for me, always supporting me, always being my shoulder to cry on, always fixing things, all the late night chats, all the honey will you get me.....and most of all for loving me pregnant when I cry almost every day about something:) Matt I know you are going to be a wonderful father to Layton. I Love you!

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