Friday, September 26, 2008

Weekend in Port A

Scott, Shannon, Matt and I spent last weekend in Port Aransas in South Texas. We had a great time and enjoyed relaxing by the pool and hanging out on the beach. It was amazing that hurricane Ike had left this city untouched. You could see that some people had boarded up their homes to prepare in case the hurricane came their way but they were lucky it did not. Everything was open for business and we had a great time. Here is a picture of Scott and Shannon.....too cute:)
Here is Matt and Scott (who is running like a girl I might add) going out to the sand bar to look for sand dollars. We found a lot of them....and whole ones. When we got back to the condo Scott put them in some bleach and we had some to take home. The weather was nice...not too hot at all and only the pool water seemed a little cool at times....the ocean was just right.
Here is Darrell and his other brother Darrell....jk! These two both started to fix their hair when I said I was going to take a picture of them.....they are such girls! but we love them:)
Matt and I standing on the dock before heading out to the beach. We had a fun time catching up with Scott and Shannon.....we love being around them. Thanks Scott and Shannon for the invite. We loved the sea food and good times!! Well Matt and I are putting our flight wings away for this Summer....I think we are done traveling for a little while. We had a great Summer filled with fun adventures. I must say that traveling is one of our favorite things to do together.

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Cutest Baby turns One!

Our sweet niece Gray turned one on September 13th. We cannot believe how fast that year went by. She has gotten so big and so much fun all at the same time. Yall she has the best personality and the cutest smile that just melts your heart. Matt and I and my mom were to travel to Houston for her big birthday bash but because of hurricane Ike all of my family came to Dallas for a smaller version of the party. We had a mexican dinner and yummy cake....I know Gray would agree....she loved it all!! Here is her adorable hat that I got her.....she wore it but not long enough for me to get a good picture, so here it is:)
Here is Matt and Gray.....she is getting so tall. She loved being in uncle Matt's arms. She was so calm whenever she was sitting with him.
Here is the birthday princess singing card that my Dad got her. She loved opening and closing the card and listening to it sing. She would just stare at the card and then start dancing. I think it entertained us all for at least 20 minutes.....we were laughing so hard at her. She loves loves to dance. I think she gets her dancing skills from her aunt Lindsey:)
Yummy...."mom I can't believe you are letting me do this"- she kept sticking her hands into the cake and then looking at all of us as if to say are you sure this is ok???....this is too good to be true!! It was too funny. We put her in the middle of the table and let her go to town. She was so funny to watch. Don't worry we had our own cake to share although her cake tasted the best.

Here is sweet Gray and Nana (my grandma). My Nana and Pappy were in Dallas for 2 weeks after Gray's birthday because they were without power in Houston at their house. Thankfully all of my family did not have any major damage to their homes and they all got out of Houston safely before the storm. We enjoyed their visit and can't wait for everybody to come back. Happy birthday Gray!!! We love you!!!

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Baby Madeline is here!

Our dear friends Chris and Jennifer just welcomed thier first baby Madeline Paige this past week and we were so excited to share in their joy. Chris is one of Matt's best friends.....they have been friends since high school. Matt really enjoyed getting to see baby Madeline and I think my husband has baby fever. It was adorable to watch him with Madeline and I know he will make such such a loving father someday. Here are some pictures from the hospital. We love you Madeline and can't wait to see you again!

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Ok...I am back people!

Well Matt and I are still alive:) I feel like I have not blogged in awhile. I had no idea how busy moving and then starting school would make me. I am just now trying to get back to normal. The house seems to come more together each week. We still have a long way to go but at least we are living in the house and enjoying it. These are just some random pictures I have taken over the last two weeks. As you can see in the pictures we don't really have any window drapes yet so the windows look kinda plain.....I had to take down all of the ugly drapes that we up on the window and now I have to decide what to put back up there:) Here is a picture of Matt in the Living room....this room and our master bedroom are the most finished rooms so far.

Living room facing the kitchen. If you look close you can see the kitchen..we just had it painted olive green (but I don't think I have a picture of that yet)
Here is the guest is a light yellow is like sunshine in there:)

Here is our bedroom standing at the door. You can see where I took the drapes I have to figure out what to put up:) I did not take a picture of the kitchen, office or the family room since they are still a big mess.
Well here is the bathroom stuff huh:) We are still in the process of getting the right contractor with the best bid to start working on it. Hopefully we can start work on it within the next 2 weeks. I would love to have more people over and have a place for people to use the bathroom. I can't wait to see the final product when it is finished!! Ok well I will post more as we keep working.

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