Sunday, February 17, 2008


For the short 4 months that Matt and I have been married I must say that I have been a busy bee making our apartment into a haven for us to come home to each day. I have had so much fun going on the "hunt" for new things.

Our newest purchase is two chairs we got at an Estate sale. They are oversized and just what the doctor ordered according to Matt. He needed a football watching chair and that is what we found. We are storing one of the identical chairs at his Moms house until we get a house. Now the chairs need to be recovered as they do not match right now. So this past weekend I set out on the mission to find fabric for these chairs and I was successful in my search.

Here is a picture of the fabric that I will have the chairs redone in. I can't wait to get them back from the "shop". My livingroom is almost complete for this little apartment:) and I am so glad.

This weekend I also did a little work on my mantle. I had a real plant on my mantle that just kept dying despite my efforts to nurse it back to health. I decided to replace the plant with a fake one. I kept looking but could not find the perfect fake plant so I decided to put one together myself. I drug Matt through Garden Ridge on Saturday and then that afternoon I put together the plant pictured on the left. I was quite pleased with the results and the best part is I don't have to water it at all.
Well theres to a weekend of happy decorating......I must say you can't get a better weekend than shopping and decorating:)

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!
I must say I have the best Valentine. Matt and I had a lot of fun celebrating our 1st married Valentine's day. We decided to celebrate with dinner on Sat. night at the Capital Grille resturant inside the Cresent hotel. I ended up not feeling well last night so we moved our reservation to next weekend....I am so excited to get all dressed up and I know it will be a special night.
For the actual Valentine's day Matt and I had fun with surprises for each other. I got Matt a frog balloon that professed my love for him:) I also made his morning with a cherry danish from Willie Mae's bakery here in Plano.....he loves cherry pie so I thought that would be the perfect morning breakfast for the best guy around. I also got him a new watch that he just loves. Matt had an excellent surprise for me as well. When my alarm went off on Wed. I went to press snooze and with the lights still off Matt handed me a LITTLE box....which I love to get those:) Inside were a new pair of pretty Crislu earrings. I just love them. I posted a picture of them below.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Flirty and Thirty Leslie turns 30!

A couple of weeks ago my good friend Leslie came to Dallas to celebrate her 30th birthday. We had a fun girls night helping Leslie join us in her new decade of life. Here are a few fun pictures of our night!

Here we are at Simply Fondue for dinner. We enjoyed dipping everything possible into lots of different sauces. My fav of course was ANYTHING dipped in chocolate. We also took Leslie to the Kate Spade store to shop for a little birthday treat. Leslie ended up with a beautiful rinestone flashy was SO Leslie! The guy at the Kate Spade store was such a fun person that we decided we must have his picture to remember these fun shopping times.

Here is Leslie and I at Swoozies. I LOVE this is one of my top 10 girls. Leslie loved looking at all the fun paper and gifts. We found thos perfect hat and just had to get a picture with the birthday girl wearing it.

We just had to have a "birthday cupcake" treat from the famous Sprinkles. If you have not sunk you teeth into a Sprinkles cupcake then you just aint livin!
We had such a fun time and I am so glad that Leslie picked Dallas to celebrate and shop her way to turning 30!