Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well I feel like I need a rewind button on parts of this year. I like to make sure that I blog several times per month so I can save these precious memories. Well with all the craziness of the past few months, I have just fallen so far behind. So for those of you eating a candy cane and singing Jingle Bells in your head while reading this post.... sorry b/c I am going to be talking candy corn and all things spooky!! Here is a picture of our pumpkin all lit up on Halloween night....its on the left if you can't see which pumpkin it is. Matt and Layton... mainly Matt...was so proud. Layton loved every bit of the pumpkin carving experience. Can't wait until next year when he can tell me what he is thinking.
Love this little pumpkin so much. Man it is like a game to get Layton to look at the camera at the same time mommy is looking at the camera.

Up close picture of two of the cutest pumpkins! Layton was a duck this year and the striped leggings were hilarious on him. He really was one cute duck! We took Layton to our church carnival and he had so much fun looking around at all the kids, animals and of course tasting some yummy food.

More pictures of the pumpkin carving madness...sorry they are out of order. I am working on precious nap time and this Mommy has no time to redo this post. Layton of course stuck the pumpkin and the seeds in his mouth...because that is where EVERYTHING off the ground goes...in the mouth!

watching Daddy carve....he was so good about sitting right there and watching and sampling some of the pumpkin of course.

Oh mom....you are going to regret this!!! Might I add he loved the few bites I gave him so much that he was making a sucking noise with his lips after each bite. I was so funny to watch.

These two precious animals are the best of buddies. They are only 4 days apart and they always have so much fun every Sunday night playing together at our Bible study group. Little Kaylee makes one cute little elephant!
Silly picture of Layton at our neighborhood carnival

Well that was a very fast preview of Oct. more of Nov. to come later this week!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Missing them already.....

The Flesher's have been pretty busy over the past few weeks and we have shed a lot of tears. Over the past four weeks we have lost two very special people to Matt and I....my Pappy and Matt's mom, Barbara. We praise God that they are both believers and they are both in Heaven which eases our pain a little, knowing we have entrusted them to the Lords care. We still miss them dearly here on this side of Heaven. It is not for Matt and I to understand the why of the loss we have had to experience this past few weeks but we are thankful for the peace the Lord has given us during this difficult time. Here is my sweet Pappy...this is one of the last pictures I took of him while visiting him at the end of Aug. We celebrated his 87th birthday with lots of family and good times. He was a die hard Auburn fan and one of the best men I know. He was kind, funny and a hard worker who loved his family and his life. I always tell people that a lot of the qualities that my Pappy had I see in Matt....which makes me one lucky lady. I will never forget the endless stories that I have growing up with my Pappy. He has always been there so I know there are going to be a lot of firsts without him that will be hard. Pray for my Nana as she is missing her sweet honey. They had a wonderful marriage and one to be admired. My Pappy worked as an engineer until he was 80 years old and everyday when he left for work he left my Nana a love note by the coffee maker....he was just a jewel of a man. We will dearly miss him. He went to be with Jesus on Oct. 10th.

This is Matt's Mom Barbara who passed away this past Tuesday from a year and a half long battle with cancer. She has been sick for awhile and it was hard watching the disease take her from us. I think Matt and I will be grieving her loss for awhile. She was way too young and such a good grandma to be gone already. We miss her....plain and simple. We are sad that Layton won't know his "Babs" like we knew her. But, we know that the Lord blessed Matt and I with Layton at just the right time during Barbara's cancer. She loved Layton so much and the time she got to spend with him was so very precious. Matt and I cherish that we got to spend so much time with her at the end of her battle and were with her when she went to meet Jesus. She was such a generous mom and I must say she raised two fine young men.

We love and miss you dearly Pappy and Babs. If you think about our little family would you send a little prayer up for us. Over the past few weeks all of this loss has defiantly made me hug my family a little tighter and tell them how much I love them even more.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

8 Months and lots of FALLing around our house!

Layton is now eight months old and boy he is getting so busy. Not only can he crawl but he can pull up on everything and loves to use ANYTHING in the room to stand up. Thank the Lord for the helmet he wears because I lose count of the amount of times he crashes on our hardwood floors each day. Falling, falling and more falling is the theme of each day. But Layton is so determined and I love this about him. He has even stood up in the middle of the room using something light and then falls down quickly. Here are a few cute pictures of Layton from the past few weeks. Loving some fun pictures of Layton with all the pumpkins at the Arboretum. He had such a serious face the whole morning...almost as if he was thinking "what are all these orange things everywhere!!!" I made him a shirt for some fun pictures in the pumpkins...it turned out really cute and I can't wait to make him some Christmas ones.
Layton would hardly look up at the camera once I put him in the pile of pumpkins. He was trying to eat the hay and was WAY to interested in the pumpkins to look up at mommy for a silly picture.

Layton and Mommy....I love this sweet boy! He is getting so interested in everything around him. He wants to touch everything and then put it in his mouth of course. I have never cleaned my floors 3 times per week EVER...but here lately that is what it takes since this little one will clean them for me and then put whatever he finds in his mouth. So far last week he had a wood chip, piece of tape and a leaf that I had to dig out of his little mouth. He is so quick!! and seems to find any piece of dirt or trash on the floor that I have missed.

Layton still wears his helmet everyday all day. I think he is nearing the end of treatment:) Matt and I can't wait! Layton has been in a helmet since he was 4 1/2 months old. We took his helmet off to take some pictures at the Arboretum.

Layton got his first bad cold last week and it lasted FOREVER...I thought we were never all going to get well again. Here are some fun pictures playing in the family room while we were stuck inside. Love Layton's serious face:)
Here he is showing off..............

Aww....I wonder what he was thinking about???

Layton loves going outside....as most kiddos do. I am so glad that it is not so hot outside anymore so we can get outside and play more.
I feel like I have not posted on my blog in so long. We have been so busy lately. Matt and I took on the big project of giving our 1950's kitchen a face lift and it has been quite the undertaking with a baby running around me in circles. It is coming together and going to look great when finished. I will post some pictures soon:)
My brother-in-law Todd is still really sick. We are hoping he will have surgery in the next few weeks to remove his tumor. We still don't know if the tumor is cancerous or not yet. The doctors were unable to reach the tumor for a biopsy last week. We are praying for it to be cancer free.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

My boy loves the swing!

Layton and I walked to Height's Park down the street and we had a ball just swinging in the cool weather....or cool morning I should say:) Here are some fun pictures from last week.
This is just my monster face....I am practicing for Halloween

hold on tight....mommy swings really high!!

I got my new helmet on the same day....Mommy did not decorate it yet. Yep...I had to get another helmet! Can you believe it?

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

7 Months!

Well peeps that is right I am now 7 months old...even though anyone that looks at me thinks I am 9 or 10 months old. All I have to say about that is "bring on the basketball contracts folks!"

7 months has flown by and Matt and I are trying hard to soak up every minute of these precious times. The Lord has truly blessed us with such an amazing little boy. I can already tell he will be kind, loving towards others, and such a great friend as he grows older. He is also the best little snuggle bunny a mommy could ask for!

Here is "Mr. Cutie cuterson" as I like to call him. We are waiting on his second helmet which we will get today:( so here are a few shots over the past few weeks while we were helmet free.

At the moment some of his fav daily activities include...but are not limited to:

1. his walker (please take note that my child can only go backwards in his walker and not forwards...so I have total faith that he will do WELL in the parallel parking part of his driving test.)

2. Johnny Jumper- LOVES this!...and can I say thank you Lord that he wears a helmet! I have heard some pretty bad crashes into the side of the door frame from the vigorous jumping...and if he had not had on the helmet I am afraid that would have been the last of the johnny jump up for awhile. LOL...he loves it!
my little frog man!

3. Naps- my son loves him some good naps- he is too funny if you don't get him in his bed right away when it is nap time he almost has a fit. Only problem is we are having a hard time getting him to sleep anyplace but his crib. If we leave town or he goes to the babysitter for the afternoon...he thinks "party" and will NOT go to sleep easily. Thank goodness we stay at home a lot right now.

4. Rolling, rolling and more rolling! I let Layton go to town in our family room. He has bunches of toys and I put them all over the room. I can put him in the middle of the room and he will roll or army crawl to the toys. He has a blast doing this and it is great that our family room has such soft carpet for him to play on. He can spin around really fast to get something behind him and is quite the roller these days. I think this little man is going to crawl pretty soon...then I think, I will have another can of worms on my hands

Here he is....the MAN, the MYTH...the LEGEND! That is what Matt says to Layton everyday...it just cracks me up for some reason. Doesn't he look so chill hanging out in his highchair?? His face says.."don't mess with me...I am part of the highchair mafia!!

Total mug shot! I know he is thinking..."does anybody around here have anything else to eat but this cardboard oatmeal stuff??" ohh I know...how about another bite of that ice cream dad let me try on the sly at Dickey's BBQ...you got any of that??!!!
Layton is still doing a great job eating. He loves almost any fruit and veggie I give him. He is still not a fan of carrots and prunes but, who is?

Umm...excuse me! Just check'in out my bum here.

My little escape artist is looking for a hole....I just know it!

What?? Did you expect anything more from me at 7 months?

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Daddy, what is wrong?......

I love this picture of Gray (my niece) and her Daddy (Todd). The look on her face is too cute and yet so perfect for what is going on right now. Todd is sick. Plain and simple ...he is sick and they don't yet know what is wrong. We pray nightly that whatever is wrong is something that can be cured and his pain will go away soon. Todd is having all kinds of tests & CAT scans to find the source of his pain. He is having horrible stomach pain and can hardly keep food down for weeks now. He has lost about 25 lbs in a short time and the days are hard on him. They have already ruled out a lot of things and the strong antibiotics are not helping. They have mentioned the "C" word but the doctors will not know anything for sure until they get back all of his tests. If you think of Todd during the day just lift him up in prayer that the doctors can find the source of his pain/sickness and that with medicine/time he can be healed. I think the long weeks of no answers and the pain continuing is putting some worry on my sis and Todd. Pray for their strength as a couple and that the time will pass quickly until they can get some answers. All I know is Usher needs to get better soon:)

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Galveston Family Trip

This past week we headed to Galveston for some much needed lazy days and some fun time with family. I had so many pictures from the trip it was hard to pic just a few for the blog.... Sweet Gray soaking in some sun and loving the ocean water...or the big swimming pool as she referred to it:)
Matt's brother Scott and wife Shannon took the trip with us. We try to take a family vacation every Summer. This Summer Todd (Christy's husband was not able to come b/c he is sick right now...pray for his if you think of him they are running some tests to see what is wrong with him.) Once again we had a blast....can't wait until next year!

My little surfer dude!

Gray getting water for her 5 seconds of "I am going to build a sand castle" . I don't blame her...it is kinda hard to build a sand castle in the Galveston mud:)

Gray with my sister seeing the ocean for the first time....she was too funny calling it a "big pool" all weekend.

love seeing palm trees...it means I am near a beach which is my favorite spot to be

lots and lots of fun in the sun!

such a sweet picture of Gray with the joy of being at the beach written all over her face

Matt showing Layton the ocean for the first time

Point West is where we rented a house....a great place if you ever want to take a trip to Galveston

lazy days!

Inside the beach house

great porch where we grilled out and ate and relaxed

front of the beach house

Pier just down the street from the house

Some of my favorite guys!

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