Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Cookie Blog!

Friends come and check out my new cookie blog at www.cookiesbylindsey.blogspot.com
I have been baking away and having so much fun. If you have any cookie needs just let me know.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Working on my melon

Layton got his new helmet on Monday! He has been such a good sport about wearing it. I think he hardly knows it is there...that is until it is bedtime. We are still working on him finding the most comfortable position but it has gotten better each time he goes down for a nap. Here he is sporting his new helmet that Mommy decorated. We are set to have it wrapped by 360 Wraps in July but I had so much fun picking out stickers and decorating it that I might just do that all Summer instead. Layton will be in this helmet for about 6-8 weeks. We hope the time will fly by fast.
A half smile was all that he would give me today.....kinda makes for a funny looking face. Have you ever tried to get a baby to smile at you for the camera.....I did everything but stand on my head and this is what I got:)

cute little crab on the side.......we sure do love Summer time around here.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just Swing'in

Last week Matt and I invested in a new camera....and we are so happy with the quality of the pictures so far. Matt captured some pictures of Layton in his new swing that his Bab's gave him. Look at this sweet boy.........
Layton can't quite sit up in his swing all the way yet....but he still loves to swing!

Mommy was just playing with the new camera and Layton kept looking over Daddy's shoulder wondering what I was doing with that big black thing in front of my face:)

Ahh....lazy Summer days!

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Layton's Dedication

Layton was dedicated to the Lord on Father's day and it was such a sweet day for Matt and I. As Layton's parents we are so proud always but, we also know that with the title of parent that God is making it our responsibility to teach and guide Layton. Matt and I want to be living examples of how to love and follow after the Lord. We want Layton to understand the value of prayer and the importance of a loving relationship with the Lord. We had a small brunch at our home after the service. I enjoyed getting everything ready this past week for his big day. Here are a few pictures from the party for some of my sweet family that was not able to join us.
I hung this adorable cross (from my aunt Randee) on the candles by the food. It was perfect since it was blue and it had his initials on it. Love this little cross.

Of course I love monograms so I had to have his initials almost everywhere!

Sweet picture by the cake

Cute water bottles that were so fun to make.

Candles and a cute picture of Layton that I had on the food table.

Yummy cake from the La Rosette bakery in Richardson......they make such great cakes if you ever need a cake for something.
Layton's precious outfit for his dedication. The little guy is so wiggly that when I tried to take a picture of it for memories you could not see the detail at the top. I just love this little bubble outfit.

Layton's Grammie (my step-mom), Tara and Jami

My dad and Layton

Me, Susu (my Mom) and Babs (Matt's Mom)
Babs, Layton and Matt
Matt and I pray that someday Layton will trust Jesus Christ as his savior. I can imagine that someday it will be pure joy to know that our children are walking in truth.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Working on my melon

Well I was hoping that we were not going to go down this road but......we are. Layton is getting a helmet. Yes...I said helmet!!! You would think ear molds would have been the end of the work done to my sweet son but...no. No, he is not already playing football ...although I am sure his dad would love that!! Layton is getting a helmet to correct several problem with the shape of his head. His head is both flat in the back and has some height to it as well. This is not normal and has developed from several problems....room in womb, ear wells that he wore for 2 1/2 months and then sleeping in the same position on his back. Here is an example of a kiddo wearing a decorated helmet. I took a picture of a calendar that we got at the cranial doctor so you could see what it will look like. The not so fun part is that Layton will have to wear his helmet for 23 hours a day....yuck! I wish his little melon would have rounded out on its own but it seems as though we were doomed from the beginning. Now insurance says this is totally cosmetic and so the bill is ours which is way not fun since the helmets cost a pretty penny of $3,500. But we don't consider if cosmetic when it comes to the shape of Layton's head. He should only have to wear it for about 8 weeks....give or take a few. He was measured for his helmet today so we should get it next Monday. After we get the helmet Layton will have it decorated by a non-profit company called 360Wraps.
My sister Christy had her baby girl about 3 weeks ago. Riley Kye weighing a little over 7lbs and 20 inches long. Here she is in a picture with Layton. It is hard to see her face but she is a little cutie! So fun to have cousins so close in age. Susu is just LOVING having 3 grand babies to love on.

Here is Layton and Matt in the pool last weekend. Don't you just love the little hat....Layton looks so cute in a hat. Good thing huh....since he has to wear a permanent one for 2 months.

Here is a sweet picture of my Nana and Layton. Nana and Pappy got to come over to Christy's house for dinner while we were in Houston. Nana just loves all over Layton anytime she can get her hands on him. Layton loves Nana and talks to her all the time.

We could not leave Houston without a cute picture of Miss Pris...aka Gray. She is getting so big and still so much fun. Aunt JoJo (me) just loves this little one and her fun personality. She is doing such a good job being a big sissy to little Kye.

sweet face after a fun swim

Yum...Mommy fed me rice cereal for the first time last week. He is still doing such a good job eating.

See.....look at that cutie in the hat. Matt and Daddy before getting in the pool.
Swimming at our sweet friend Fisher's house. Fisher got a new pool too and invited us over for a swim. I can't wait for the little boys to get older so they can ride bikes and play together.
Just chill'in in Daddy's sunglasses:)

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

4 Months +

Layton is now 4 1/2 months old...I am a little behind in my blogging world so bare with me. Layton is changing more and more each day and he is getting so big. Here is what we have been up to the past month. Layton enjoys visits from Susu on her way home from work....we love that we are on her path home.
He still loves the water despite the big lip in this picture. I am going to post some pictures soon of his first time in the pool...he LOVED it. Bath time is still a fav for Layton. He has almost grown out of his baby bath tub.....next on to fun toys and the BIG tub:)

He spends a lot of time playing in his exosaucer. He loves Mrs. Caterpillar! He knows how to bang on the buttons now to watch the lights blink and hear the songs.
Babs (Matt's mom) bought Layton a new swing for the front yard. We have already been swinging away.

He is still the sweetest angel in my eyes. This kiddo is such a good sleeper and is most of the time the happiest kiddo on my block. This laid back guy is going to be a lot like his daddy if he keeps up this easy going attitude.

Mommy goes goes goes all the time and Layton is such a trooper. Layton now weighs about 16lbs and is 26 inches long. He has started eating rice cereal (apple flavored from Whole Foods) and he LOVES it! Thanks to our friend Karen who suggested we get flavored rice cereal....we are only on day 3 and this boys grunts for more when he sees that spoon coming.

Of course my four month appointment was full of more shots....not on my head of course but, my silly mommy took them off my legs and made me wear them on my head. Pretty soon my head is going to be under construction......more details to come about that later!