Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sweet Ginny

Yall my heart is heavy as I got news today that my friend Ginny from my Bible study went to be with the Lord today. I had plans of going to see her tonight at the hospital but learned on the way to dinner that she passed late this afternoon.....yall my heart sank. It is always so sad and can seem so unreal when someone you know and are used to seeing is no longer with us here on Earth. Ginny is about my Moms age and she has 3 kids around my age or a little older. Ginny always hit home with me in Bible study because she has a daughter about my age that is a teacher and Ginny was a single mom and did a wonderful job as a mom, friend and follower of our Lord. I know that Ginny is now walking streets of gold and in a wonderful place. It is just hard to let go of people that you love and that you love being around. We will always hold sweet Bible study memories of her. Ginny suffered twice with cancer and I never saw her say anything negative about her experience. She always wanted to know what was going on with YOU and how YOU were. What a precious person that she was that I know we will miss her dearly. Ginny I know you are in Heaven looking down on us and smiling......we love you girl and we already miss you!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I can't wait!

A few weeks ago when I had the luxury of being off work for the holidays I took some time out one day to work in the yard. I started my day out with a trip to Lowe's to find some tulip bulbs. My mom used to be a landscape designer when I was young so she had told me if I wanted tulips for the Spring that I had better get them in the ground in late December or early January. When I was at Lowe's they were having a GREAT sale on the remaining tulip bulbs that they had in stock. Bags of tulip bulbs that had regularly been $5.99 a bag were on sale 75% off and were about $1.50 a bag! That made me super excited as my first plan was to just plant a few bags and scatter the blubs in a small area....well with the big sale I was able to buy 8 bags with 12 bulbs in each bag. I was able to plant tulip bulbs all the way across the front flower bed of my house. I planted a total of 96 tulips and I.can't.wait for them to bloom in the Spring. I did leave with a wound from the hand had a bruise in the middle of my palm for about a week. I guess this Spring I will be able to see if it was all worth it:)

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Take a look at this precious thing!

I mean are you do you get any more precious. than. this! This is my niece Gray. She was here at Christmas and this happens to be a picture that was given to me while she was here. She is growing up way WAY to fast and she is ALL over the place. It is amazing to me that not too long ago we were all anxiously awaiting her arrival and now she is running down the sidewalk and yelling "no"! Gray is just about 16months old and doing so much. I LOVE when she comes to visit and I wished she and her family would move to Dallas:) I love the smile she has on her face in this picture because that is exactly how she looks most of the time. She is too funny. She is a Rowland girl for sure with her bald head and blonde hair....but I love the bow accent on the bald head....gotta have a bow! I have some more pictures of her at Christmas that I need to post.....she was too cute pulling her new baby and stroller all over the house.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

senseless TV but I am hooked!!

ok. ok. So I need help....every Monday night I speed (don't tell the cops) home from Jazzercise so I can make it home for the Bachelor. You would think after 13 or so seasons of this show I would be done....but the lure continues. I don't watch much TV at all expect maybe a little on the weekend..... so why does this dumb show with DUMB women and shallow men have me so glued....I have yet a clue. I think this seasons Jason is a nice guy and I am sure he will find the love of his life....I mean "week" but until then I will be watching and making fun of every episode. Ok...well it is straight up 7:00 and its Monday night so you know what that means...I gotta go!! Happy watching for all you fellow bachelor fans:)
p.s. If you like reading Lincee's recaps from the Bachelor you can find them here - they leave me laughing each week!

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Friday, January 9, 2009

New job!

We have some exciting news in the Flesher babies yet! Matt got a new job and come mid January will be working for Raytheon. We are excited about this transition and looking forward to new opportunities for Matt. Matt has loved working for Perot Systems the last 6 years and has made some great friends which I know he will miss seeing from day to day. Perot has been a great company to work for and one that holds many memories for Matt. Matt and I have been praying about different opportunities for him to grow within his field and this new job at Raytheon really just fell in our lap. We are so thankful how the Lord knows exactly what we need and when we need it. Matt will still be in the Supply Chain department like he was at Perot but instead of working mainly with contracts he will transition again to a Sr. Buying Specialist. We are excited and just wanted to share our fun news with all of our friends and family.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Master bathroom finished!!

Before the redo....I HATE WALLPAPPER!! I will never put it up in a house because it is so hard to take down. Under the wallpaper was this lovely color of mint green:) with a yucky layer of sticky glue:(
Good-bye yucky bathroom nice knowing ya!

Hello new bathroom!

This is a much nicer place to get ready in the morning:) My thanks go to Matt for all of his hard work. We finished this minor overhaul in just 3 days.

Matt and I spent some time during our Christmas time off working on our master bathroom. Our house seems to be under constant change which is a good thing. I have been staring at ugly wallpaper and fixtures for 6 months now when getting ready in the morning and now I have something prettier to look at. Matt and I have so much fun working on little projects like this. Today we had a contractor come out and take a look at our built on room in the back of the house. It you have been to our house and seen it it is a sight for sure....we are looking forward to starting the overhaul of that room sometime in Feb/March. Fun times at the Flesher house.

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Go Tech!!!

RAIDER....POWER!!! Matt and I are so excited to watch Tech play today in the Cottonbowl. Get you GUNS UP!!!

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