Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fun Surprise from Matt

So today Matt came home from work just like any other day....except today he had a shopping bag in his hand. I just assumed that he stopped by the store to pick up a few biggie. Well to my surprise there was a sun hat for me and some Jamaican beer for him inside the bag....hmmm...Matt said "guess what this means".......I said, "what?!!!" He said in just a few months we are going to Jamaica! What a fun surprise!! Matt has a hard time getting much by me and he got me good with this one. I can't wait to spend some relaxing days on this beach with the best man I know!! I love you Matt Flesher!

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Carrots mom.....I don't think so!!

This week Layton turns 6 months I decided we would start adding some veggies slowly to his rice cereal diet:) Well..... Layton takes so easily to most things I introduce him to that I really did not worry much that he would not like the new food.....little did I know:) So yesterday we tried some carrots for the first time....lets just say the little guy is not a fan:) He cracked me up because he would keep opening his mouth and taking a bite and then he would make a face and gag....he really did gag on them. After about 4 spoonfuls he just looked at me and then threw up all of the carrots on his bib. We tried carrots two times and the same thing happened both times. Most kids I have seen will squeeze their lips together and won't open them for the next bite.....I guess my little man did not remember from bite to bite that the same old stuff was about to come again!

This is how my kiddo tells me he does NOT like carrots. Tonight we tried some squash and it was a big hit....not once did he gag and he did not give it back to me:) Guess we will give the carrots a few more weeks before we bring them back. It's funny because I like most any veggie but the only one I won't guessed it...carrots! So, I don't blame him:)

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Layton at 5 months

Busy, busy...Layton is always busy. It is so fun to watch him grow but he is growing so fast that it gets kinda sad. He weighs about 18lbs and is about 26inches long. He can roll across the room and is so strong. He always wants to be sitting upright..he does not liked to be held on his back like a "baby" :) He always wants to check out what is going on around him. He is really doing great in his helmet and we go to get it wrapped in Dallas Cowboy's style this Friday. I take a lot of pictures of him when he is on his break from his helmet so that is why you don't see him in it in these pics. He really does look adorable in it. Layton will be 6 months old at the end of next week so the time is flying by fast. Here are some fun pictures from Layton's 5th month:) Uncle Scott came to town and played with me. I love my Uncle Scott! This is my new walker that my grandma Babs bought for me.

Ruger and I love to hang out. My Uncle Scott and Aunt Shannon gave me a new Johnny Jump Up and I LOVE IT!!! I love to pet Ruger/Molly while I am in my jumper:)

Mom scoots some of my toys up to my jumper so I can play. I look like such a big boy in my jumper.

I love rice cereal...yummy bananna and apple flavors! In a few weeks Mommy is going to start feeding me veggies...I can't wait! Look at me sitting in my new highchair...I am such a big boy now!

I really must say I am a pro at using the spoon...I really don't make a very big mess and my mommy is so proud of me.

Here I am with my Dad before bed. I love for my Dad to read me stories before bed. My mom loves books so I have a ton.....lots to pick from.
I need to post more pictures soon....we went to the lake 2 weeks in a row so I will be posting pictures of our fun times soon.

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