Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy 1 Month Birthday Layton

Mommy and Daddy love you sweet Layton! Happy 1 month Birthday!
I can't believe my sweet baby boy is one month old today! Wow...everyone told me the time would fly by seems to me like he should be about 2 weeks old. Layton had a great one month appointment today and is growing like a weed. Layton now weighs 10lbs 13oz and is 22 1/2 inches long. The doc says he is right on target with his weight and is in the 95 percentile with his height...looks like I might have a basketball player on my hands.
Here are some things I have learned about Layton this past month:
-he loves to cuddle....good thing I love it too!!
-he loves his paci...even when it is not nap time the boy loves to suck on his paci. That is why in most pictures he has it in his mouth.
-he does not like to nap much....I think he is like his mom and does not want to miss anything. I was a horrible nap taker as a child and did not take many naps at all after the age of 2. This can wear you out at times I must say. He does love to fall asleep in the car if I am running errands this is his preferred nap time:)
-he is such a laid back little boy...the Lord has blessed me with such a calm, sweet tempered child. Wherever I take him people ask me is he always this easy going and calm...I just say it is all I know....he came out that way:) I may be in for a big surprise someday if my next baby is a fussy one:)
We have been practicing some tummy time this past month. He does not seem to mind it and has not really cried to be turned around. I let him lay this way for about 5 minutes 3-4 times a day. We are working on not laying him on his back so much...because of his ear molds he does not really turn his head to the side and we don't want him to get a flat head:)

We had a hard time getting a good picture of him in his chair. I took his paci away for the picture and look who is trying to get those hands in his mouth! He was a good sport today since mom was snapping pictures of him left and right. I just can't seem to get enough:) Layton and I had a great day today with a visit to the doctor and then a trip to Target...our favorite place...well I don't know about him but I sure love it!

I can't wait for Layton to get his ear molds off. Dr. Byrd said that he may only have to wear them about 2 more weeks. We go to see Dr. Byrd once a week and he cleans Layton's ears and puts on a new pair of ear molds....they are high maintenance but we already see great improvement in his ears and we can't wait for him to be done with the molds. He is always so good at Dr. Byrd's office and usually sleeps through the whole thing believe it or not:)
I have the sweetest Daddy in the whole world...he stopped on his way home from work and bought me a Happy 1 Month old birthday cookie...I think Dad must have had a craving of his own and needed an excuse to buy a cookie cake! That is ok because Mom thought it was adorable. Thanks Dad!!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am growing!

Well our little guy is now 19 days old...I can't believe almost 3 weeks have gone by. Time flies when your days run into your nights and you don't even know what day of the week it is:) Matt and I are enjoying every minute with Layton....he has been such a good baby. He stays pretty happy most of the time. We took him to the doctor on Friday and he now weighs 10lbs 1 oz. He is growing out of his newborn outfits already! Here are a few pictures from this past week. Layton loves his new play mat. He will lay on it for about 20 minutes and just listen to the songs and look at all of the colorful animals hanging from the top. This mat allows mommy to do some housework and cooking since those times are now far and few between. I really must say I have never seen my house so clutter day I will have time to pick it up..I hope!
Layton loves bath time...he does not cry at all. Anytime I run water or do the dishes Layton will just listen with his eyes wide open. I think Layton's love of the sound of water may come from his mommy spending so much of her time pregnant in the water:) I went to water aerobics 3 times a week during my pregnancy and then took a bath every night. He is too cute in his little bath towel:) It is tricky to not get his ear molds wet when I bathe him so I can't wait until he does not have them anymore.
I love to watch him when he is sleeping...he just looks so peaceful. If only I could sleep that good:) I seem to sleep so lightly these days. I can hear all of his little noises at night. You can see his little ear molds up close in this picture. He got a new set of them on Tuesday and he is doing great with them.

It has been so cold that we have not gotten out much....only to go to the doctor a few times and out to eat. It is hard to dress such a tiny person in warm clothes that will not make him uncomfortable. Liz and David gave us this cute shirt and hat from Gymboree and it made a great cold Winter day outfit this week. He looked like a little lumber jack all day:) Thanks David and Liz!

LOL...I love this picture. His eyes are a little crossed in this one I know but his little face is just so cute. Here he is sitting in his daddy's lap watching the super bowl game.

Tomorrow we are going to brave the cold and head to Northpark mall before mommy goes house crazy!! Stay warm!

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wow what a week!

Matt and I have had the best almost 2 weeks with our new little man. Things have been crazy, fun and busy busy around our house. We have had tons of visitors at the house and it has been so much fun. My sister and Matt's brother and wife came into town this past weekend and we had a fun time hanging out at the house and passing Layton around for everyone to love on. Here is a picture of Matt with his mom when she got to come over last Wed. to meet Layton for the first time. We came home from the hospital last Tuesday afternoon and by Wed. morning I was unfortunately sick as a dog. I was so blessed that Matt had off work and my mom was able to stay with me last week as I could hardly care for myself much less a newborn baby. Thankfully I got some good meds and I am feeling much better now. Matt and I have been so blessed by so many friends during this time. Several of the visitors brought such nice welcome home gifts. Marlyss (Matt's moms best friend) made this beautiful flower arrangement for us. I love having flowers around the house and this arrangement was so pretty to look at and thankfully it is still alive:)
My aunt Randee from Alabama sent this adorable cross with Layton's initials on it. I have it hung on his bookshelf and it matches his room perfectly. I just love items that are personalized. Thanks Randee!!

Here is sweet Gray with her baby doll as she refers to baby Layton. She called him a "her" all weekend but then would say that Layton was her brother. She was too cute all weekend with him and was such a big helper. My sister Christy is pregnant with her second little girl and we saw a glimpse as to what a wonderful big sister Gray is going to be. I love this little picture of them together.

I snapped this picture of Layton the other night right before he went to bed and I must say he looks like he is already praying:) Sweet boy!

Matt ordered this adorable stork for the yard this past week. It was waiting in the yard to greet us when we got home from the hospital. It was such a sweet gift for our welcome home and the neighbors were so nice about dropping by and bringing some homemade goodies for us to munch on.

Well last week was full of fun but it was also full of doctors appointments for both Layton and I. We came home on Tuesday and by Friday Layton had been to 2 doctors and Mommy had been to the ER:) So I must say it was a crazy first few days home. So if you have called and I have not called you back yet it is because things are just now settling down:) Layton had a great visit to see his doctor. While we were at his appointment the doctor did point out to us that Layton's ears were still not as open (like a flower) as they should be. So we were sent to a pedi plastic surgeon on Friday to have him fitted for some ear molds. He has to wear them for about 6 weeks but Layton does not seem to even notice they are on his ears. He slept through the whole procedure and he has not messed with them yet:) They just fit right over his ears and they are stuck on there with a special adhesive. Poor baby...I think they hurt his mommy more than they bother him:) Here is a picture of him with them on.

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