Saturday, March 28, 2009


Matt and I LOVE trying new fun places to eat and it has turned into a very fun activity that we do together for date night. We love trying new places all over Dallas and we have been to some cool, fun places. I could share so many places with you, and maybe one day I will make a list. Well this past Friday night Matt and I went to eat at a new hamburger place in Richardson called Twisted Root Burgers. They already have a location in Deep Elm that some of you may have been too but we were so excited to see one in Richardson! The burgers are so so good. They have awesome milkshakes and great sweet potato chips and curly fries. The restaurant was started by 2 friends that had a love for hamburgers and had just graduated from culinary school. They make their burger patties fresh and they have homemade mustard and spicy ketchup! If you have a love for good burgers like we do then this place is a must on you list of new places to try. We love how after you order they call you by celebrity names to come and get your food from the counter. They also encourage you to bring your own funny bumper sticker to hang on the wall....the guys that started this joint have a great sense of humor:) visit the website to see their store and check out the menu.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Big improvement!

The family room is finally finished and Matt and I are so happy with the results. Now we have a new empty room in which we need to fill with furniture and decor. The paint color and carpet combo turned out great....I was a little nervous because you are picking colors and the swatches that they give you to choose from are so small is hard to tell if they will look good together. This is the laundry area and then some linen/craft closets that are in the room. They did a nice job on the doors and I love the new look. For before pictures just check my older post below. This is and several of the other pictures are without the carpet. The carpet was installed right after I took these pictures.

The new crown/foot molding adds a nice touch to the room that it did not have before. It now has a more finished look and is a totally different looking space than it was just a few short weeks ago.

Here is a picture from the top of the stairs. Barbara (Matt's mom) has been letting us store our green couch in her dining room for about a year:) We were glad to finally give it a new home. It is the lonely only piece of furniture but hopefully soon we will find some chairs that we can recover. I already have some beautiful fabric that I picked out for chairs that I don't even have!! Oh well I could not pass up the sale that JoAnne's was having on fabric. Also my mom and I have been hard at work with the window treatments for this room. That is the black fabric that you see hanging on the back mom and I wanted to see what the fabric was going to look like so we stuffed it up there to get a look. I am going to finish them this week and will post pictures when I am done sewing them.

LOL...this is another picture of the room....that is Matt's mess in the corner. He has taken up shop with his ab roller and surround sound. We are going to put the TV in this room in a few weeks when we get a entertainment center. Theynthe sound equiptment won't be on the floor:)

My sweet hubby spent the day a few Saturdays ago installing a new kitchen faucet for me. The old one was so 70's and it dripped all the time. I love my new faucet and I am so proud of Matt that he was able to fiqure out how to install it all on his own having never done it before...thank you Matt!

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