Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pretty Calaidums

Since I live in an apartment right now and don't have a yard I have been yearning for plant life around me. I love to work in the yard and to plant flowers. Barbara gave me some Calaidum blubs a few weeks ago and I planted them. I have been patiently waiting and watering and finally they are here. They look so pretty on my back porch. I just love the look of Calaidums with their big leaves. I can't wait to work in my new yard and plant all kinds of flowers and such. Our new house has a big built in planter by the door and I can't wait to fill it up.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh Baby! Gray's stay with Aunt "Jo"

Well I am telling you Gray and I had the best time ever!!! Gray came to stay with Matt and I from Sunday night until Wednesday evening. She is the best baby and is so much stink'in fun!!! I took a ton of pictures as any good aunt would. I would not want to waste your time by posting over 30 pictures so I will just share my two favorite. I must say that between the 6 feedings, 2 naps, endless diper changes, snacks and the ability to crawl all over my apartment at great speed I am worn out from her stay. I never thought I would say that but she gave me a run for my money. I give it to all you moms out really is a FULL time job. Gray is such a big girl now.....we took her shopping, went to the pool two times, Kroger, Tom Thumb, Target and Walmart......all with success I might add (now of course that was all spread out in between 3 days and 6 naps but she did a great job!) Another favorite part of our week was her bedtime routine....she is too cute and hardly cries when she goes down for a nap or at bedtime. Every evening Matt and I would take her to our guest room and pray with her before bed....she almost always would touch your face while we prayed and then smile....too sweet. Then she laid down in the bed an cupped her baby giraffe to her face and was so content. Lucky parents Christy and Todd.
Look at that smile....I could just eat her up!!! I think I gave her about 1,000 kisses while she was here....just enough to last her until the next time she comes. Little bit is a blue eyed toe head...which I adore but poor thing like the rest of us were......almost bald....just does still not have much hair. My sister and I took her shopping on her last day and we got her some cute new outfits and of course Aunt Jo insisted that she get a bow...they have kinds for babies with not much hair:) My sister finally agreed and she now is the happy owner of 4 new bows to go with her fun!!

I love this little face that she makes. She squishes up her face and then blows out her is so funny....she does it over and over....I just happened to catch the face while she was doing it. I love you baby Gray and Aunt Jo can't wait until you come back to visit.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What ya been up to? Well.........

That is a saying my Nana always asks me....what ya been up to? Well quite a lot actually. I am loving the Summer as always. Since I have not posted anything new I am going to put several different posts all into this one. I am way behind.

As most of you know Matt and I are in the process of buying a house. We had our inspection last weekend and the house got an "A"! I am so happy since I was thinking BIG problems and lots of extra money with a house built in 1955. We close on the house at the end of July. We are praying everything will go good and we will have a nice clean easy closing. We have already picked out paint for the house and decided to refinished the original hardwoods under the carpet...big work ahead for us:)
About 2 weeks ago I taught Vacation Bible school at our church Northwest Bible. I was the lead teacher of the 4 year olds. I had so much fun. I love any age from about 2-4....they are just precious. Here are a few pictures from the week. Two of my favorite girls were Abigal and Mary Lauren (pictured below).

Then we had a great Happy Father's Day with my dad weekend before last. My dad LOVES to cook so he cooked up some mean BBQ. We all went over to his house for some family time. We gave him a autographed copy of an old Justin Leonard Sports Illustrated and the Tony Dungy audio book. He love both of them. We spent the day eating and watching the US Open....congrats to Tiger!! What a great day we had with my Dad. We love you!

Ok ok so I have been bit by a shopping bug for the new house. I mean I am not even in it and I have a binder for all of the things I want to do. I can't wait. Over the past few weeks I have bought a few things. I got this great couch at an Estate sale...we actually got it as a gift from Chris' mom Judy...big THANK YOU!! We love it and it will look great in the family room. I also found a shabby chic mantle from a lady in Kessler park who was remodeling her bedroom and was getting rid of it. I love it. Our new house does not have a fireplace so it will work perfect as a replacement. He are a few pictures of my finds. I am on the hunt girls.

More to come.....we just got back from Nana's this past weekend and we kept baby Gray for 1/2 a week and we took lots of pictures from her fun stay with Aunt "Jo"....till later happy reading.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Guess what were moving.........we bought a house!!

That's right folks.....Matt and I are in the process of buying a house. This is a picture of our soon to be new house in Richardson Heights. We love it! God has blessed us beyond what we could have imagined. This house sits on a corner lot with a large gorgeous tree in the front yard. The house was built in 1955 and needs lots of renovations. Matt and I have a love for older homes and we are SO SO ready to roll up our sleeves and make this home beautiful. The homes in this neighborhood go really fast so we have been watching the streets like a hawk.....we happened upon this one on Wed. afternoon and by Wednesday night we viewed it and Thursday morning we gave an offer. The older lady took our first offer and said she wanted the "lovely" couple to have it.....too cute! We have prayed long and hard for all of this and we are so excited. We know that the Lord has wonderful plans for us and our future family in this home. We close on the house on July 24 and we be going on vacation to Cabo for a week and when return we plan on moving in.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Chair and New Promotion!!

This weekend Matt and I welcomed our new chair back into our livingroom from being recovered by Flora. She did an awesome job and we are so thankful with the results. Matt finally has his "man chair" with my added touch of fabric choice. I love it! I am sure someday when we get a house it will look even better. Here are a few pictures of the new and improved chair.

Also big news in our house........our prayers have been answered and Matt go a promotion at Perot Systems on Friday. He will be working in the same general department but will now hold the title of Contract Negotiator. We feel so blessed with this news and Matt is really excited about this new challange. Matt and I went to Gloria's Mexican restaurant on Friday to celebrate. We had such a relaxing weekend and fun times with our family.