Saturday, April 19, 2008

Girl's Day Out! Contentment & Flowers

Jennifer and I had the fun opportunity to take this past Saturday morning and spend it with other ladies at our church. We had a great afternoon filled with fun, great wisdom and flowers. Now you ask....Lindsey what does contentment and flowers have in common....well nothing really. Contentment was the focus of our breakout session and then we went to another session to learn how to arrange flowers. I was so touched by the godly wisdom of Vickie (mind you she is about 75 and full of spunk). Jen and I had a wonderful time learning about what contentment really means and what that means in the Lords eyes. She opened my mind to things I know are true but that maybe we miss sometimes when we are caught up in something. I know she spoke right to my heart on several issues. I thought I would share a little of what she enlightened us with yesterday.

She read from Exodus 20:17

Vickie started the session by asking us these simple questions:

How do you feel when............

Someone elses husband makes more money than yours?

Everyone has a house and you don't?

All of your friends are married and you are still wanting and longing to be married?

Your friends get new cars and you are left driving your 8 year old junker?

All of your friends are having babies and you despartly want one?

Your friends have great loving marriages and you are hanging on just to live day by day?

Vickie basically gave examples that would touch most of us in one part of our life or another. You know so often I sit and think of the things others have.....just simply because I am human. If I allow myself to dwell in these thoughts then I am sining. Sin seems like such a harsh word to put on just wanting something that others have or what I am waiting on......but that is what it really is.

When we are discontented with the life God has given us or where he has us at this moment then we will not be able to grow spiritually like we need to. Discontentment comes when we focus on only our needs. Exdous 16:2-12. I can clearly remember being single....I loved my time spent in that stage but boy was I ready for it to be over:) The thing is that God so perfectly knew what he was doing in my life and all I had to do was lay all of me at his feet and know that his will for my life was the one I desired....and gosh I desired to be married girls. Now looking back I realize that my time of need and those needs that I have now are a time for me to really trust God more. I know that my attitude about a circumstance makes all the difference in how I deal with that circumstance.

Vicki asked us to really think about something....she said "you know our discontentment can lead us to rebellion against God." If we focus all of our energy on things that we want then we miss out on God being able to give us his very best. Discontentment can lead to the idolitry of that "want"....whatever it may be. Like getting a house, husband, baby, job,car....whatever it may be for you. Whatever we covet can easily take the place of God in our life....simply because so much of our time is caught dwelling in these thoughts. This can mean the good precious things that we desire.....if they become the ULTIMATE thing then we have let this become an idol in our lives.

I must say this really hit home for me. I mean I always thought that desiring good things was ok.....but what if that is all that I think about all the time.....can it still be good?? It is then that a want can becomes an idol in your matter what it is. I was guilty of this as a single person at times and still I struggle with a different set of "wants" as I am married. Contentment must be learned, and boy do I want to get it right. When our hearts are filled with Jesus then we have enough. That makes me feel so safe when I hear those words. We can simply be content in Gods presence because he will never abandon us. He knows the desires of our heart. I had such a great Saturday hearing this sweet words and remembering this promise.

Long blog you say......yes but I wanted to share what was shared with me. I leave you with this prayer:

Lord I know we all want to be people who live a life without complaining. Lord we want to be women filled with gratitude. When we ARE content in our lives what a GREAT testimony it gives to those around us. 1 Tim. 6:6-8. Gosh even the root of the word contentment is "enough, sufficient"). Lord help us to trust you each day and not be at the mercy of every circumstance. Lord help us to know that we can lay all of our desires at your feet and let you work out all the details in how they may fall. Lord, help us to be content with what we have and know that for each step of our lives you will provide. Lord you are -enough:)



Anne & Andy said...

Lindsey, I cannot thank you enough for sharing what you learned. I sit here in tears reading this, knowing I am a sinner of discontentment. I want nothing more than to get out of MS and be happier with our life. Thank you for reminding me that it is all in God's hands :)

coneandmo said...

Preach it sister!!!!
Wow, you used what you learned to share with so many of us. I really needed to hear it! I think that I am "doing ok", with the things that are going on (or not going on) in my life at the present. You are so right- God's way is so much better and His timing is perfect! We do live in the world which makes it hard for us, but that is why we surround ourselves with Godly women to remind us. Thanks for sharing friend, I needed that! :)
Love you!