Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Chair and New Promotion!!

This weekend Matt and I welcomed our new chair back into our livingroom from being recovered by Flora. She did an awesome job and we are so thankful with the results. Matt finally has his "man chair" with my added touch of fabric choice. I love it! I am sure someday when we get a house it will look even better. Here are a few pictures of the new and improved chair.

Also big news in our house........our prayers have been answered and Matt go a promotion at Perot Systems on Friday. He will be working in the same general department but will now hold the title of Contract Negotiator. We feel so blessed with this news and Matt is really excited about this new challange. Matt and I went to Gloria's Mexican restaurant on Friday to celebrate. We had such a relaxing weekend and fun times with our family.


The Wells Family said...

Congratulations Matt! Love the new chair too!

Anonymous said...

congrats Matt on the promotion!!!!