Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ahh...finally a routine!

Umm this is a funny picture of Gray (my niece who I think it the cutest kiddo ever!!..of course till her cousin Layton comes into the picture). Gray's face in this picture pretty much sums up how I have felt over the past lets say 3 weeks. Going back to school has been fun but boy it has been a lot of work and I never thought I would work 12 hour days and be pregnant!! I am so glad that the first 2 weeks of school are over and things are slowing down and going back to my normal working hours. I feel more normal this week and not as stressed as I did those first few weeks.

I have a great class but I am sure looking forward to the day when Layton gets here and I can give this class over to someone else for good. I can only imagine that the bigger my tummy gets the harder teaching 1st graders is going to get. Already tying their shoes has become a problem..... I ask them to lift there leg up to me and hold on to me while I tie their shoe....they just look at me with this look like "what is wrong with you lady?"
Gray's 2nd birthday is this weekend and we are so excited. Matt has gotten roped into renting a Mickey Mouse costume from a local Costume store in Plano and he is going to be the star of the birthday party as your one and only Mickey Mouse....Gray's favorite!!! It will be fun to watch her reaction. Don't worry I will take pictures and post them after this weekend b/c I am sure Matt will look funny in the mouse suit.
Anyway...I have not fallen off the earth just been so very busy and so tired. I am 20 weeks pregnant already and boy is the time flying by...I can't believe the half way point is already here.
I still feel great and I have started a new maternity water class at Dallas Presby. The girls in my class are so much fun and it has been great exercise so far. Matt and I can't wait to see Layton again this Friday for another glimpse inside the womb.

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Amelia said...

you're hubby is a good uncle to wear a mickey suit! can't wait to see pictures!!