Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fun Christmas Season

We had such a wonderful December spent with friends and family. This Christmas was so special to us because we got to share the season with Layton. Children make life so much sweeter and we are so thankful for everyday we get to spend with Layton. This is a big post of a lot of pictures from last month. We did a lot of family activities and some I had to leave out because I left my little camera in Midland. When I have some **free** time (yeah right!) I will upload some of the pictures when Santa came to visit Layton in Midland. This little cutie was such a big helper when it came to wrapping gifts during the month of December. He did not **wink, wink** tear any paper, eat any tape, pull on any bows....he was the perfect little wrapping angel and left all of my gifts alone;)

Santa was so good to Layton and brought him some fun, FUN new toys that he plays with daily. He got this really cute ball popper that uses air to make the balls pop all over the room. He really enjoys this toy. It is neat to see which toys he likes the most....some stuff he plays with a lot and other stuff he could care less about. I think I am getting this boy only clothes for his birthday seeing as his birthday is around the corner.
We traveled to Midland this Christmas to be with my Mom's side of the family. We had such a great time. Layton enjoyed having a new house to explore and plenty of people to spoil him. He is sporting his new Red Raider hat.

Check me out on my new wheels................

Santa brought me a 4-wheeler oh yeah!! Bonus it is battery powered and he knows how to use the "go" button. It is so funny watching him ride it around the house. Now if he could just steer it in the right direction we would be all good. I can't believe my precious baby is big enough to know how to operate this thing on his own.....where did this year go?? Oh and my little man took his first steps on Christmas Eve. That was like almost 4 weeks ago and he is walking all over the place now. He still crawls but he is walking more and more each day and he can go all the way across the room with no problem. I never thought he would be walking at 11 months.

We took a family trip to the Gaylord Texan to see Snoopy on Ice. It was REALLY cold but REALLY cool to see. I don't know if a trip to see it every year is necessary but seeing everything carved out of ice was pretty neat. Layton had no idea what was going on so we could have left him at home....plus WHO knew you could not use a stroller there so taking turns carrying a 24lb boy was just so much FUN!!

Mom and Layton...the big jackets swallowed him but he needed it took keep from freezing!

Next week took Layton to Santa's village in Richardson. If you have never been you should take the kiddos. It is free and on the weekends Santa arrives every night by firetruck....lots of lights and sounds and they make it a cute production. Then if you want to wait in line you can have your picture made with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Here Matt and Layton are watching Santa's arrival. Layton was so cute as he followed Santa with his eyes all the way to his house. I don't know how he really knew who to watch but it was cute.Love this picture....my favorite "little" man!!

Layton meets Frosty!

I took Layton to North Park to visit Santa.....based on the look on his face waiting in line this might have been just for me:) I think he was over the long wait in line to see the guy with a beard.

In his picture with Santa that the photograhper took he is giving us a half smile. This picture Matt took with our camera and he looks a little disappointed:) Hey at least he is not screaming.

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tonia said...

Oh, my gosh...Layton is growning up! He looks so big from the last pics I saw. And walking? Get out 'a here! It does look like ya'll had a cool Christmas. So glad to hear that. And Santa at North Park is the best ever! Took my children there until...well we were all old enough to know better! Now I am taking my grandson...good times!!FYI Did you know he has been going to NP for 30 years? Fun!! And here it is almost Valentines...Hope that you are all doing well and sounds like your enjoying the little one!