Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Vacation

I know, I know....Layton is only 4 months away from turning two and my last post was on his 1st birthday!!! time flies when we are so busy chasing a little one.
This Summer we took a family vacation to New Mexico to escape the Texas heat and it was wonderful! Our fun friend the Gaspard's own a great vacation house with plenty of room for our family to all stay under one roof. It was so much fun! We sure did miss Christy, Todd, Gray and Kye who could not make it this year. Here are some pictures from our stay in the mountains.

(the picture above is in the basement which is a full size fun game room with a pool table, tv, bar, game tables and much more....we spent a lot of time playing in this room)

Matt took Layton on his first little man fishing trip....where they caught little fish:) Guess they did not bring home any dinner but Layton had tons of fun watching Matt bait the hook and watching the caught fish wiggle on the hook. guessed it, Matt had fun keeping Layton OUT of the lake. Ahhh fishing with a 19 month old:)

Matt and I went to a little wine tasting shop in town. It was fun and we took home a bottle of our favorite wine.

Of course I had to do a little shopping......Matt found a friendly "deer" friend to sit with while I shopped.

Matt and my aunts and uncles all played golf for 3 days. They played three pretty courses and the weather was just perfect. Matt was still in his cast on our trip but he was such a trooper and did not miss out on any of the fun.

Nancy and Diana (my aunts) on the golf course.

Such a pretty course! trees and grass!! Everything was all burned up in Texas from the heat this Summer so it was nice to see a whole lotta green.

Sweet Layton giving kisses through the gate for the stairs.....looks like he is in jail:)

We ate dinner on the porch almost every night. It was between 63-80 degrees while we were there depending on the time of day. Just perfect!

Thank goodness I survived the bear attack!!

It was a good time had by all. I wish I had taken the time to take more pictures of everyone having fun.

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