Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fishing in Kaufman

Matt and his friend Chris went to Chris' family ranch in Kaufman this past weekend to do some good old fishing. Matt caught about 5 fish and Chris caught about 8. They had a great time. Matt took Ruger our lab to the ranch for some fun. Matt eventually had to tie Ruger up for awhile because he kept jumping in the lake and chasing after the lures......and scaring the fish away:) not good. I think sweet Ruger just wanted to help.

Here is Matt with his big catch of the day....a 4 lb. bass. The boys called 1/2 way through the day to ask if I would clean their fish....I knew they must be kidding.....who do they think I am. I DO NOT clean fish. They were kidding of course. They threw all the fish back into the lake as bass does not taste good. They were hoping to catch some cat fish....but no such luck today. What a fun guy day for Matt.

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