Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July at Cedar Creek Lake

Matt and I and his Mom took a trip to Cedar Creek lake to the Skipwith's lake house over the 4th. We had so much fun enjoying good 4th food and TONS of fireworks. The Skipwith's have a great lake house right on the lake with a wonderful view of the lake. We spent the day visiting, boating, fishing and soaking in the hot tub. The guys took a trip to the local fireworks stand and got the tools to give us a great fireworks show that night. We watched fireworks for almost 2 hours....and they were still going off when we left!! I must say it was one of the prettiest firework shows I have ever seen...and the most relaxing. I have seen a LOT of shows but seeing the fireworks over the water all across the whole lake in continuous action was the neatest thing. They had a patriotic CD playing and we just got to relax on the deck and watch the fireworks to music. Of course my husband was out there with the rest of the guys shooting the fireworks off the deck like a kid.....and I just worried half the time that someone would lose an eye or a hand....but thank goodness everyone used caution while shooting them off and nobody was hurt. These are a few pictures of our weekend.

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The Wells Family said...

Isn't the lake awesome? Sounds like y'all had a good time!