Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's Sunday but Monday's coming:)

Some days you just have that ahh moment in church that leaves you feeling you want to lay at the feet of Jesus. Today was that day for me. As I sat in Church and listened to the guest speaker I felt as if God and I were the only ones in the room and he was speaking to just me. The Lord has blessed me with so much and yet my heart feels so heavy for some of the people in my life and situations around me that are so beyond my control. Gosh how often I grumble at the Lord for different things in my life but today I am reminded that God is not ready to get me to the END of whatever it is as fast as I am ready to get there. I should be trusting and praying rather than grumbling about whatever. I know that God will always provide for Matt and I and that his timing is so perfect. So often I think to myself..... if I could only see 1 year ahead or just get a small glimpse of the future....but that is not what God intends for us. Today I was so reminded why God draws us to depend solely on him for everything. He longs for us to solely depend on him for everything and to draw us close to him.....even the small things we think we can handle. I get so busy that I tend to forget how big my God is and how much he dearly loves Matt and I. As Matt and I walk through this life we learn to trust him more and more each day. We learn so much when we just trust him and let go. I pray for all sorts of situations all the time and I know that God will heal all of the worries I have in His time and in His way. My heart is so full and I am so thankful for everything in my life. I love Sundays and how we visit the Lords house and praise him. Sunday are so comfortable and feel so at home with the Lord.....but I know Monday is coming and I pray that what I declare to the Lord every Sunday is how I live my life on Monday-Saturday:) The Lord is so so good yall!

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Jen Smith said...

Thanks for this sweet post. It's just one of those things I also needed to be reminded of right now...especially in this particular season of my life! God is so good to us all the time, even when we don't understand everything that's going on!

coneandmo said...

Preach it sister! Thanks for reminding us all to give over to Him. Love ya!

Anne & Andy said...

I love reading your testimonies :) Thank you for being such an awesome and inspiring friend and woman of God!