Friday, September 26, 2008

Cutest Baby turns One!

Our sweet niece Gray turned one on September 13th. We cannot believe how fast that year went by. She has gotten so big and so much fun all at the same time. Yall she has the best personality and the cutest smile that just melts your heart. Matt and I and my mom were to travel to Houston for her big birthday bash but because of hurricane Ike all of my family came to Dallas for a smaller version of the party. We had a mexican dinner and yummy cake....I know Gray would agree....she loved it all!! Here is her adorable hat that I got her.....she wore it but not long enough for me to get a good picture, so here it is:)
Here is Matt and Gray.....she is getting so tall. She loved being in uncle Matt's arms. She was so calm whenever she was sitting with him.
Here is the birthday princess singing card that my Dad got her. She loved opening and closing the card and listening to it sing. She would just stare at the card and then start dancing. I think it entertained us all for at least 20 minutes.....we were laughing so hard at her. She loves loves to dance. I think she gets her dancing skills from her aunt Lindsey:)
Yummy...."mom I can't believe you are letting me do this"- she kept sticking her hands into the cake and then looking at all of us as if to say are you sure this is ok???....this is too good to be true!! It was too funny. We put her in the middle of the table and let her go to town. She was so funny to watch. Don't worry we had our own cake to share although her cake tasted the best.

Here is sweet Gray and Nana (my grandma). My Nana and Pappy were in Dallas for 2 weeks after Gray's birthday because they were without power in Houston at their house. Thankfully all of my family did not have any major damage to their homes and they all got out of Houston safely before the storm. We enjoyed their visit and can't wait for everybody to come back. Happy birthday Gray!!! We love you!!!

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