Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ok...I am back people!

Well Matt and I are still alive:) I feel like I have not blogged in awhile. I had no idea how busy moving and then starting school would make me. I am just now trying to get back to normal. The house seems to come more together each week. We still have a long way to go but at least we are living in the house and enjoying it. These are just some random pictures I have taken over the last two weeks. As you can see in the pictures we don't really have any window drapes yet so the windows look kinda plain.....I had to take down all of the ugly drapes that we up on the window and now I have to decide what to put back up there:) Here is a picture of Matt in the Living room....this room and our master bedroom are the most finished rooms so far.

Living room facing the kitchen. If you look close you can see the kitchen..we just had it painted olive green (but I don't think I have a picture of that yet)
Here is the guest is a light yellow is like sunshine in there:)

Here is our bedroom standing at the door. You can see where I took the drapes I have to figure out what to put up:) I did not take a picture of the kitchen, office or the family room since they are still a big mess.
Well here is the bathroom stuff huh:) We are still in the process of getting the right contractor with the best bid to start working on it. Hopefully we can start work on it within the next 2 weeks. I would love to have more people over and have a place for people to use the bathroom. I can't wait to see the final product when it is finished!! Ok well I will post more as we keep working.

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house looks great guys!!!!!