Saturday, February 14, 2009

Family room...pardon our dust!

Yucky.....well these are the ugly before pictures of what the first few days of the family room looked like after they ripped out the carpet and the paneling on the walls. This area above is where the washer and dryer live and the boxed area is where the new tile will go once they put in the new sub flooring.
This is the view of the back of the room before they took out the window. We did not want a window on this wall as this is where we are going to be putting the TV when the room is done. Pardon the washer and drying sitting in the middle of the room:) Also if you look above in the picture we are taking out the boxed lighting and we are having them replaced with can lights that you can see in the picture below. They look so much better than the trashy boxed lights that were in the ceiling.
Picture of the same wall as above but with the window now removed!! Good-bye window..hello wall:) They also finished installing the new backdoor which I love! It is so cute to see Ruger's sweet face in the window. You can also see that they have finished the drywall and laid the tile. They had to replace all of the flooring as the old that was under the carpet was in bad bad shape. Now the floor does not squeak when you walk on it!!

This is a before picture of the long wall in the room. They had to remove the drywall because of severe water damage.

Same wall but with new drywall and sub flooring. Excuse the chairs...I put them down here so I could make room for the new dining room chairs that I got today. Well that is all of the progress right now...they are coming back on Monday and should be finished by Tuesday or Wednesday. I can't wait until the painters come and the carpet is installed as it will be a totally different room:) More to come.....

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Dement 5 said...

how exciting! can't wait to see the finished room!

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