Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's day...always have! Even in the good ole days of being single after college there is just something about a day to celebrate love and friendship that is so fun:) I love the colors associated with the holiday and who does not LOVE chocolate and an excuse to eat it!! This Valentine's was fun as Matt had a special week planned. I love when he thinks of small things to do on his own that shows how much he cares. He was so sweet to send me an email each day this week that read..."Monday's reason why I love Lindsey; Tuesday's reason why I love Lindsey...etc. Each day I looked forward to getting the next email. On Wednesday I got a nice surprise when the secretary at my school brought down a beautiful bouquet of tulips (my fave!). A little elf named Matt had just dropped them off and left them in the office for me:)
This Valentine's day we kept it low key. We have started the big project of remodeling our family room ( I will post some beginning pictures in the next post) so of course I am obsessed with paint colors, fabric and furniture for the room at the moment and can't take my mind off of it. So with Matt knowing that we spent the day today running around town checking out furniture and fabric (a beating to Matt I am sure but he acted like he loved it all). We found some great buys and I am so excited about the room coming together. We ended the night with some yummy pizza from Campisi's.

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