Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just a Swing'n

Matt and I had a relaxing weekend and spent some good time together just hanging out. On Saturday we went to Chair King and bought this new tree/porch swing:) We have such a beautiful and BIG Live Oak in our front yard and I thought that a swing would be the perfect touch to our yard. Matt and I spend a lot of time outside working in the yard and visiting with our great neighbors and now we have a place to sit in the front yard. I took several pictures of the swing. Thanks to my Mom, Matt, Todd and our neighbor Bryan the swing is now level and in just the right place. Matt and I tried to hang it by ourselves but our ladder was not quite tall enough to hang the right side of the swing....Matt suggested that I climb up the tree and hang out on the limb to hang it and I told him he married the wrong girl for that type of work:) Thankfully we did not have trouble hanging it but then when the guys had to cut off the extra chain both Matt and Bryan cut their fingers a little with the saw (not bad just a little cut.) I was laughing because just minutes before that happened the guys were telling me that they were professionals and they did not need me:)....until they needed a band-aide:)
This is an up close shot of the pillows I got at Marshalls on clearance! My house is a lovely shade of baby blue and until I find an extra couple of grand laying around it will stay this shade for I am working with it....not gonna fight you baby blue:) These pillows were the perfect shade and they also had some other fun colors and a cute pattern so I got them for the swing and they add a nice touch.

Well you can call Matt and I old because now you might find us sitting in our front yard just swinging and watching the world go by from our front yard.

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Anne and Andy said...

So cute! We can't wait to get a porch swing or hammock. Yours looks so cozy! :)

Steven said...

Looks great Lindsey! Looks like a great place to sit after mowing the lawn with a cold glass of lemonade.