Sunday, April 26, 2009


Matt and I had date night last night and we had so much fun! I love it when Matt takes the time to plan a special evening for us that is extra special. We have our standard Friday night date but that usually involves me still in my work clothes and him in a shirt and jeans. Well usually once every month Matt will plan a special night and we get a little dressed up and we go out and do something fun. Last night we had dinner at The Cheese Cake Factory (with their yummy 30th anniversary cheesecake)

After dinner we headed to Richardson to the Eisman center for a wonder spin off of Cirque Du Soleil but called Cirque Soleil montage. It was AMAZING! I had so much fun and I have some much respect for what these people can do with their bodies!!! I mean it is good for me to be able to touch my toes and these girls and guys were bending and using thier bodies in ways I could not imagine. The Eisman center is really nice and I look forward to seeing some different shows there in the future. While we were there we also saw Adam Smith and a friend and Jen and Eric times!

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