Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nana & Pappy here we come!

I love this little shirt!! This weekend Layton, Matt, my Mom and I are venturing on our first road trip with the little man so he can meet Nana and Pappy (my grandparents). We are so excited for Nana and Pappy to meet our new addition. My sister and my aunt and uncle all live in Houston so it will be a fun trip visiting family. I think we might need to rent an 18 wheeler just to get all of the things to Houston that we need for Layton:) I am trying my best to pack light but the light part of his things will take up half the back of my suv:) Layton is so blessed to have not only grandparents but great-grandparents!! So fun! Nana and Pappy Layton can't wait to meet you!!!

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