Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy 1 Month Birthday Layton

Mommy and Daddy love you sweet Layton! Happy 1 month Birthday!
I can't believe my sweet baby boy is one month old today! Wow...everyone told me the time would fly by seems to me like he should be about 2 weeks old. Layton had a great one month appointment today and is growing like a weed. Layton now weighs 10lbs 13oz and is 22 1/2 inches long. The doc says he is right on target with his weight and is in the 95 percentile with his height...looks like I might have a basketball player on my hands.
Here are some things I have learned about Layton this past month:
-he loves to cuddle....good thing I love it too!!
-he loves his paci...even when it is not nap time the boy loves to suck on his paci. That is why in most pictures he has it in his mouth.
-he does not like to nap much....I think he is like his mom and does not want to miss anything. I was a horrible nap taker as a child and did not take many naps at all after the age of 2. This can wear you out at times I must say. He does love to fall asleep in the car if I am running errands this is his preferred nap time:)
-he is such a laid back little boy...the Lord has blessed me with such a calm, sweet tempered child. Wherever I take him people ask me is he always this easy going and calm...I just say it is all I know....he came out that way:) I may be in for a big surprise someday if my next baby is a fussy one:)
We have been practicing some tummy time this past month. He does not seem to mind it and has not really cried to be turned around. I let him lay this way for about 5 minutes 3-4 times a day. We are working on not laying him on his back so much...because of his ear molds he does not really turn his head to the side and we don't want him to get a flat head:)

We had a hard time getting a good picture of him in his chair. I took his paci away for the picture and look who is trying to get those hands in his mouth! He was a good sport today since mom was snapping pictures of him left and right. I just can't seem to get enough:) Layton and I had a great day today with a visit to the doctor and then a trip to Target...our favorite place...well I don't know about him but I sure love it!

I can't wait for Layton to get his ear molds off. Dr. Byrd said that he may only have to wear them about 2 more weeks. We go to see Dr. Byrd once a week and he cleans Layton's ears and puts on a new pair of ear molds....they are high maintenance but we already see great improvement in his ears and we can't wait for him to be done with the molds. He is always so good at Dr. Byrd's office and usually sleeps through the whole thing believe it or not:)
I have the sweetest Daddy in the whole world...he stopped on his way home from work and bought me a Happy 1 Month old birthday cookie...I think Dad must have had a craving of his own and needed an excuse to buy a cookie cake! That is ok because Mom thought it was adorable. Thanks Dad!!

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Anne and Andy said...

Happy 1 month Layton!! You are already growing so much!

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Sandy said...

I love this blog post!! Happy 1 month birthday Layton!!

The Cobbs said...

Layton is so stinkin' cute!!! And, is Dad going to bring home a cake every month? - so sweet:)

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