Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

What a fun and blessed Easter weekend we had. We had so much fun sharing Easter with Layton and Gray. Gray (my niece) is now 2 1/2 and so much fun. She needs a one way ticket to Hollywood.... she has one B-I-G personality packed into her small little body.
Here is Gray running in the yard after uncle Matt hid about 20 eggs just for her. Hopefully next year little Layton will be running along with her:)
We had a wonderful Easter lunch after church with lots of family. My sister, Gray, Scott, Barbara, Matt's uncle Mark and cousin Blake, Susu (my Mom) and Matt, Layton and I. Yummy food was made by all the girls and I am sure we all put on a few new unwanted pounds:)

Here is Layton checking out his loot from the Easter bunny (aka: Grandparents gone wild bunny). I got Layton this basket with his name on it thinking we could use it over the years and at 10 weeks old his basket was full and all of the stuff he got won't even fit in the basket....lucky boy! Thanks Susu, Babs, Nana, Grammie and PaPa for all of my new things!!!!

Here is a close up of Layton's cute Easter sweet with his name in blue.

Gray in her adorable Easter dress:) The look on her face every time she found a new egg was priceless.

Layton was such a good boy during the church service. He looked adorable in his little Easter onesie. Thanks to a bottle during the service we made it through the whole service without having to leave once:)

We enjoyed having Babs and Scott over for sweet of Scott to come into town for Easter. We missed you Aunt Shannon and Uncle Todd...wish you could have come:(

Well Spring has sprung and I am in the mood for flowers lately. I am impatiently waiting for the flowers I want to come into the local nursery so I can plant away in the front beds in the yard. For now I will have to settle for beautiful tulips in my kitchen. I love these new little Spring eggs I got. If you know me I love bird nests and eggs...why I dunno... I just do. My husband thinks I am nuts and my dad makes fun of all of my eggs so you can imagine what they said about my new eggs that spell out the word Spring......

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