Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

Layton wants to wish everyone a Happy Easter!!! Layton is now 2 1/2 months old:) He is! I love this little bunny with all my heart and can't imagine what I did with all of my time before him. Poor Layton...I dressed him up in his Easter gear and took a ton of pictures to get the perfect one with him smiling. You can't see his "real" ears in this picture but he now has he ear molds off and we are so glad. The ear molds made bath time and changing clothes tricky at times because you had to be careful not to knock them loose.

I love this picture with the look of shock on his face! Layton had his 2 month appointment last week and he did great! He weighed 12lbs and was 24 inches long. He is so big to me tall still according to other kiddos his age. A lot of the time when we are at the store and someone asks how old he is they don't believe me when I tell them he is just over 2 months. At 2 months
Layton is:
*smiling- this will melt your does mine. I might be in trouble later when I can't resist that sweet smile.
*cooing and babbling- I have a TALKER on my hands. We sing and talk all day and it just cracks me up when I talk to him and he babbles right back. He loves to hear me sing and I make up the silliest songs during the day to entertain my little man.
*following objects and people- he loves his little play gym with all the fun sounds and lights. He talks to the whale and the octopus ALL the time. He is randomly without control grabbing at the colorful rings and it is funny to watch him catch them because he has not quite figured out how to release them yet once he gets ahold of them. I love that he now can focus on your face and follow you. It makes my day to walk up to where he is laying look him in the face and he just smiles so big right back at you.
*he stays awake for longer periods of time and is getting better at napping. He sleeps from about 9:30pm-7:30 am everyday and we are LOVING it! He started doing this at about 7-8 weeks and he has not stopped. Ever so often he will wake up around 5am and want a bottle and if he does he will eat and go right back to sleep until about 8am.

Look at that sweet sweet face:) I could just eat . him . up! We are spending Easter with a lot of family this weekend. Uncle Scott (Matt's brother) is coming into town and so is my sister and little Gray. Matt already has a big Easter egg hunt planned for Gray and we can't wait to watch her run around the yard looking for eggs. Layton has an adorable Easter basket that I could not resist ordering from Pottery Barn Kids....that company needs to stop sending that catalog to my house so is hard to not buy stuff. We filled it with some books and a little candy that I am SURE daddy will finish off by the end of the weekend. Babs (Matt's mom) gave Layton a whole bunch of new books and Susu (my mom) gave Layton some new clothes from the Easter bunny.
Even though Layton is too little to know what we are talking about yet I read the story of Easter to him this morning. I think it was more for me than for him....I almost cried at the end thinking of what Christ did for us and how I can't wait until Layton can fully understand such His love for us. It is so precious to me to be sharing Jesus with such a small little boy and to prayerfully watch a seed grow in him.
Easter blessings to you,

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Jenn Slayton said...

I love reading how Layton is growing and changing! He's soooooo precious! And I'm so glad you are sharing the story of Jesus with him so early....they really do understand way more than we give them credit. Lexi memorized her first verse at 20 months old! I think she knows more about God's love than I do sometimes! :) Keep at it...even though it seems his response include blank stares. What other story would you rather read him anyways!!! Love your sweet little family!