Thursday, May 6, 2010 ARE at the right house

This week our house got a much needed face lift. Same great house just a new color:) Here is the before picture...the baby blue and white just had to go! And here is after......... much better and exactly what I had in mind when we bought the house. The blue and white was ok but it was just not my taste. Man oh man it was hard picking out colors to paint your WHOLE room for mistakes. I am more than pleased with how the colors turned out. The trim is black and off white and the brick is a light khaki.

It took the painters about 5 days to finish. Each day it was fun to walk outside with Layton and see the progress. Preparing the house to paint is what takes the longest. They had to replace a lot of wood on our house that was rotten. Once they started spraying the color on it went by so fast.

I am going to have to train myself to stop giving people directions to our house by saying it is the blue and white house on the corner:) Last night Matt and I were out working in the front yard on the trees and a few people drove by and commented on how much they liked the change.

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Christy said...

Looks great, Lindsey! I love it! And what sweet, sweet pictures of Layton you posted this week. He is just precious!

Kristi Kelly said...

Love it!! You are a super decorator/designer....and loving the pics of sweet Layton!!

The Cobbs said...

Wow! What a difference! I wouldn't have thought it needed paint, but I love the transformation!

The Wells Family said...

oooh. I like! Very good color choices!