Tuesday, June 8, 2010

4 Months +

Layton is now 4 1/2 months old...I am a little behind in my blogging world so bare with me. Layton is changing more and more each day and he is getting so big. Here is what we have been up to the past month. Layton enjoys visits from Susu on her way home from work....we love that we are on her path home.
He still loves the water despite the big lip in this picture. I am going to post some pictures soon of his first time in the pool...he LOVED it. Bath time is still a fav for Layton. He has almost grown out of his baby bath tub.....next on to fun toys and the BIG tub:)

He spends a lot of time playing in his exosaucer. He loves Mrs. Caterpillar! He knows how to bang on the buttons now to watch the lights blink and hear the songs.
Babs (Matt's mom) bought Layton a new swing for the front yard. We have already been swinging away.

He is still the sweetest angel in my eyes. This kiddo is such a good sleeper and is most of the time the happiest kiddo on my block. This laid back guy is going to be a lot like his daddy if he keeps up this easy going attitude.

Mommy goes goes goes all the time and Layton is such a trooper. Layton now weighs about 16lbs and is 26 inches long. He has started eating rice cereal (apple flavored from Whole Foods) and he LOVES it! Thanks to our friend Karen who suggested we get flavored rice cereal....we are only on day 3 and this boys grunts for more when he sees that spoon coming.

Of course my four month appointment was full of more shots....not on my head of course but, my silly mommy took them off my legs and made me wear them on my head. Pretty soon my head is going to be under construction......more details to come about that later!


coneandmo said...

Cute! He's growing and so precious! Hope we can get together soon. :)

Anne and Andy said...

He is SO sweet! I love how laid back he looks in all of those pictures - and in real life :) So glad I finally got to meet your precious lil man!

Sarah said...

REAL cute!! I think he looks just like Matt in that one picture of him in his car seat!!