Tuesday, October 5, 2010

8 Months and lots of FALLing around our house!

Layton is now eight months old and boy he is getting so busy. Not only can he crawl but he can pull up on everything and loves to use ANYTHING in the room to stand up. Thank the Lord for the helmet he wears because I lose count of the amount of times he crashes on our hardwood floors each day. Falling, falling and more falling is the theme of each day. But Layton is so determined and I love this about him. He has even stood up in the middle of the room using something light and then falls down quickly. Here are a few cute pictures of Layton from the past few weeks. Loving some fun pictures of Layton with all the pumpkins at the Arboretum. He had such a serious face the whole morning...almost as if he was thinking "what are all these orange things everywhere!!!" I made him a shirt for some fun pictures in the pumpkins...it turned out really cute and I can't wait to make him some Christmas ones.
Layton would hardly look up at the camera once I put him in the pile of pumpkins. He was trying to eat the hay and was WAY to interested in the pumpkins to look up at mommy for a silly picture.

Layton and Mommy....I love this sweet boy! He is getting so interested in everything around him. He wants to touch everything and then put it in his mouth of course. I have never cleaned my floors 3 times per week EVER...but here lately that is what it takes since this little one will clean them for me and then put whatever he finds in his mouth. So far last week he had a wood chip, piece of tape and a leaf that I had to dig out of his little mouth. He is so quick!! and seems to find any piece of dirt or trash on the floor that I have missed.

Layton still wears his helmet everyday all day. I think he is nearing the end of treatment:) Matt and I can't wait! Layton has been in a helmet since he was 4 1/2 months old. We took his helmet off to take some pictures at the Arboretum.

Layton got his first bad cold last week and it lasted FOREVER...I thought we were never all going to get well again. Here are some fun pictures playing in the family room while we were stuck inside. Love Layton's serious face:)
Here he is showing off..............

Aww....I wonder what he was thinking about???

Layton loves going outside....as most kiddos do. I am so glad that it is not so hot outside anymore so we can get outside and play more.
I feel like I have not posted on my blog in so long. We have been so busy lately. Matt and I took on the big project of giving our 1950's kitchen a face lift and it has been quite the undertaking with a baby running around me in circles. It is coming together and going to look great when finished. I will post some pictures soon:)
My brother-in-law Todd is still really sick. We are hoping he will have surgery in the next few weeks to remove his tumor. We still don't know if the tumor is cancerous or not yet. The doctors were unable to reach the tumor for a biopsy last week. We are praying for it to be cancer free.

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