Monday, November 8, 2010

Missing them already.....

The Flesher's have been pretty busy over the past few weeks and we have shed a lot of tears. Over the past four weeks we have lost two very special people to Matt and Pappy and Matt's mom, Barbara. We praise God that they are both believers and they are both in Heaven which eases our pain a little, knowing we have entrusted them to the Lords care. We still miss them dearly here on this side of Heaven. It is not for Matt and I to understand the why of the loss we have had to experience this past few weeks but we are thankful for the peace the Lord has given us during this difficult time. Here is my sweet Pappy...this is one of the last pictures I took of him while visiting him at the end of Aug. We celebrated his 87th birthday with lots of family and good times. He was a die hard Auburn fan and one of the best men I know. He was kind, funny and a hard worker who loved his family and his life. I always tell people that a lot of the qualities that my Pappy had I see in Matt....which makes me one lucky lady. I will never forget the endless stories that I have growing up with my Pappy. He has always been there so I know there are going to be a lot of firsts without him that will be hard. Pray for my Nana as she is missing her sweet honey. They had a wonderful marriage and one to be admired. My Pappy worked as an engineer until he was 80 years old and everyday when he left for work he left my Nana a love note by the coffee maker....he was just a jewel of a man. We will dearly miss him. He went to be with Jesus on Oct. 10th.

This is Matt's Mom Barbara who passed away this past Tuesday from a year and a half long battle with cancer. She has been sick for awhile and it was hard watching the disease take her from us. I think Matt and I will be grieving her loss for awhile. She was way too young and such a good grandma to be gone already. We miss her....plain and simple. We are sad that Layton won't know his "Babs" like we knew her. But, we know that the Lord blessed Matt and I with Layton at just the right time during Barbara's cancer. She loved Layton so much and the time she got to spend with him was so very precious. Matt and I cherish that we got to spend so much time with her at the end of her battle and were with her when she went to meet Jesus. She was such a generous mom and I must say she raised two fine young men.

We love and miss you dearly Pappy and Babs. If you think about our little family would you send a little prayer up for us. Over the past few weeks all of this loss has defiantly made me hug my family a little tighter and tell them how much I love them even more.

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Shannon said...

Oh Lindsey...this post made tears come to my eyes. I have gotten so behind on checking blogs lately...but I checked in tonight with you, and I am just so sorry for your loss. I just sent a little prayer up for you...please know I am thinking of your family.

Much love,

tonia said...

Lindsey and Matt~
Love your is sweet and such a good representation of your "little family" which I continue to pray for each and every day!
I know y'all are leaning on Jesus and pressing in for His comfort and strength. What a blessing to have such visable hope through precious Layton, and even more of a blessing to recognize it as such.
Wanted to share a verse that has comforted me on more than one occassion. It is from Psalm 119. (If you haven't read that Psalm in a while...revisit it sometime!)
"Sustain me according to Your Word that I may live;and do not let me be ashamed of my Hope" vs. 16
Hope you have a blessed day,

Kathy Perantie said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Barbara seemed like such a sweet lady every time I met her at the pool. I know you will miss her and your Pappy terribly. I will be thinking about you, Matt & Layton.