Monday, November 3, 2008

What a wonderful year!!

Today Matt and I celebrate our 1st year of marriage. Oh my what a wonderful year it has been. I love Matthew to pieces and I am so thankful to the Lord all the time for bringing Matt into my life. Our first year of marriage was so fun....I have so many things to be thankful for and everyday good or not so good I get to spend with the man I love. This is just a short list of the things I find most lovable about my man....

1. He loves the Lord and his prayers for me and our family are so sweet

2. every evening he makes me a glass of ice cold water for my bedside

3. every morning without fail he kisses me on my cheek and says "good morning beautiful"

4. he loves dogs just like I do and we have so much fun with Rugar and Molly....and he really does an awesome job taking care of Molly....she can be a handful at times:)

5. He loves kids and really wants one!

6. the way he provides for our family and takes care of our finances

7. he is the best lawn man a girl could ask for.....our lawn always is kept

8. he helps me clean up the dishes after dinner and then takes me on a walk around the block and talks to me about my day.

9. he listens just when I need him to listen and helps me when I need his help

10. He is never too busy for me

11. He reads to me at night and prays for our day before we go to bed.

12. He loves Canton!! and carries all of my things when we go.

13. He opens my car door all the time and is such a gentleman

14. He takes me on date nights each Friday night to a little resturant to eat and just enjoy each other

15. He loves me!

16. He lets me decorate our house however I want....and loves it!
17. He has the biggest grin on his face each day when he walks home and first sees me.
18. He laughs at all the many silly things that I do
19. He loves Texas Tech football and we cheer for them together
20. too many more to list:)

Yall I could go on and on!! I love you Matt and I look forward to each day spent with you.

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The Wells Family said...

Congratulations! Where did ya'll go for dinner??

halie said...

You guys are so cute! Congrats on a wonderful first year together!

Anne and Andy said...

Where did this year go!? Happy Anniversary Matt & Lindsey!! :)

Dement 5 said...

What a sweet post! I love it. Happy Anniversary!!!!

Corrie said...

Congratulations! Anniversaries are so special and are now my favorite "holiday." I'm so happy for you.

coneandmo said...

So sweet!

Josh and Jenny Cobbs said...

Happy Anniversary! You've got many more wonderful years ahead! You two are a sweet couple:)