Saturday, May 16, 2009

Poor Matt:(

Well my sweet Matt won't be doing this for awhile:( Matt has been having some back pain for awhile now that has been tolerable but still painful. Well over Mother's day weekend his back went from just painful to horrible in just a day. He is now not able to sit or stand/walk for very long without intense pain shoot up his back and down his leg. He is scheduled for major back surgery on June 1st and we can't wait for that day to get here fast enough. Thankfully Matt has been to see the pain management doctor and now has some pretty strong drugs/muscle relaxers to keep him somewhat comfortable. He is not going to be able to go to work before the surgery b/c his is not able to sit up for very long. He then will be off work for 6 weeks after the surgery. Thank the Lord for good insurance.

Matt has degenerative disk disease which just basically means that eventually this was going to happen to him at some point during his life. The disks in his back just start to deteriorate after wear and tear faster than normal. I am sure the many years of playing football were not kind to Matt either:) The surgery that he is having is called an Anterior Lumbar interbody fusion. We are praying that this works for him and the surgery is successful. Because Matt is so young for this surgery they are not going to perform the surgery through his stomach but rather go through his back. It is still a scary surgery that will involve maneuvering around his spinal cord but we have faith that the Lord will take care of Matt during the surgery. If you think about Matt just pray for reduced pain and that everything goes as planned with his surgery.

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The Wells Family said...

OH no! Tell Matt we're praying for him. My dad had a similar surgery 6 weeks ago and is doing great. I think my little bro is about to have back surgery too! Man, what is the deal with all these weak people? J/k!

Bryan said...

Hey Matt and Lindsey,

I wanted to let you guys know that on my way out to work today at 6:00am, I noticed that one of your sprinkler heads was broken. It was gushing a fountain near your front doorstep on the walkway. Just thought I would let you know. Didn't know how else to get in touch with you guys so I searched for your blog. Please email me and Lauren y'all information at bplantes at gmail dot com. Great seeing you guys this weekend... hope your Memorial day was awesome! Thanks,

Bryan Plantes

Aaron said...

Wow nice form on the backswing. Peter Kositis would approve.