Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Matt Update

Hi Friends,

I am sitting with Matt today and he is pretty tired and sick to his stomach. Yesterday was a long day and we are glad that it is behind us. Matt has to lay all the way flat for 24 hours because he had some spinal fluid leaking during the surgery. He also had some scar tissue that they had to get rid of so the surgery took a little longer than planned. Matt and I showed up at Presby. of Dallas at 9:30am yesterday and then he did not get into surgery until 4:25 and was in surgery until about 9:30pm. He stayed in recovery until about 11:15 and then was assigned a room. Today he is just going to lay on his back and then tomorrow they will get him out of bed and moving. He will wear a back brace for 2 months when he is out of bed and will go to physical therapy in a few months when he has healed. The doctor said the surgery went well and we should now be on our way to recovery it will just be a little bit of a long road. Thanks for all of your prayers for Matt and his back.

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Anne and Andy said...

Sending lots of speedy recovery thoughts & prayers your way for Matt!! Thanks for the update Linds!

Anonymous said...

get to feeling better Matt...you will be playing golf before you know it!!!!

Jeff G

Aaron said...

Matt, you know i'm not lying when I say that i know how you feel. I hope you start to feel some improvement real soon. Look forward to comparing surgery scars with you soon.