Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas fun with Gray

Well it is now Jan. 2010 and I can't believe how time flies:) We are expecting little Layton any day now which is so exciting!! I went to the doctor yesterday and Dr. Campbell thinks he may come sometime this week. My last day of work was this past Friday and it was bittersweet. I can't wait to meet little Layton and I have had some great time this week to rest and get everything organized for his arrival.

Here are some pictures from right before Christmas when Matt and I got to keep Gray (my adorable niece) for about 5 days. Matt and I had so much fun with her......she wore this pregnant girl out! We made a ginger bread house one night that was a BIG hit with Gray. All she wanted to do was eat the candy of course:) One piece of candy for Gray one piece of candy for the house was about how the decorating went. We also drank hot chocolate out of Santa mugs which was so much fun!

Here she is with her finished proud!! We had to finally put the house on the top shelf in the kitchen because she kept wanting to eat all the candy off of it:)

Another night we took Gray to Santa's village in Richardson. Every year Santa's village is open to the public right in front of the Richardson public library. She had tons of fun seeing all of the different little houses filled with either...Santa, Frosty, reindeer.... and even a princess. Matt is always so fun to watch with her....I know he will make a great dad just by watching him interact with little Gray. He took Gray to the grocery store with him twice and every time they came home he had bought something else for her at the store....I tell you he is a sucker for Gray!

Here is a cute picture of her playing in Susu's backyard. She had fun running around in the leaves and thankfully it was not too cold yet. We had not gotten the Texas blizzard weather yet.

Here is Matt and Gray sitting and reading Gray's new Mickey Mouse Christmas book....Gray LOVES LOVES Mickey mouse....and little does she know she is sitting with the famous Mickey Mouse from her bday party in Sept.
We had fun with you Gray.....come back and visit aunt JoJo and uncle Matt...We love you!!!!

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