Thursday, January 14, 2010

Julie and her Julia's

A few weekends ago my young & married community group decided to get the girls together for a yummy cooking lesson by the wonderful cook Kris Gurry! All of the girls in our group have a love for cooking or baking so it just seemed fitting for us to all cook together.....and we had a great time!! Liz made us all name tags that said Julie and Julia's...they were really cute. Kris taught us how to work with yeast. We each made our own fresh dough for some yummy pizzas to share with the guys. The guys all watched football for about 3 hours while we cooked away in the kitchen. Pictured above is: me, Liz, Kris and Katie.....we were missing a few of the girls from our group since we did this over the holidays. Here we are with our final products...all of the pizzas turned out great!
Kris teaching Katie how to "love" the dough:) Working with fresh dough was fun and it made me have more confidence to try to make different types of bread and not to be scared of the yeast:) We all wore aprons and as you can see from the pictures Katie and I had half aprons so that we could wear them over our baby bellies.

Liz and David have a great kitchen for cooking so we all had plenty of room to spead out and really have tons of room. Here is Katie after our brownie pizza mess.....we may have set off the fire alarm due to the brownie batter running off of the cooking stone....but I am not saying a word:) The guys got a kick out of the fire alarm going off:) We really had fun and we can't wait for another lesson from Julia aka "Kris"

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