Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wow what a week!

Matt and I have had the best almost 2 weeks with our new little man. Things have been crazy, fun and busy busy around our house. We have had tons of visitors at the house and it has been so much fun. My sister and Matt's brother and wife came into town this past weekend and we had a fun time hanging out at the house and passing Layton around for everyone to love on. Here is a picture of Matt with his mom when she got to come over last Wed. to meet Layton for the first time. We came home from the hospital last Tuesday afternoon and by Wed. morning I was unfortunately sick as a dog. I was so blessed that Matt had off work and my mom was able to stay with me last week as I could hardly care for myself much less a newborn baby. Thankfully I got some good meds and I am feeling much better now. Matt and I have been so blessed by so many friends during this time. Several of the visitors brought such nice welcome home gifts. Marlyss (Matt's moms best friend) made this beautiful flower arrangement for us. I love having flowers around the house and this arrangement was so pretty to look at and thankfully it is still alive:)
My aunt Randee from Alabama sent this adorable cross with Layton's initials on it. I have it hung on his bookshelf and it matches his room perfectly. I just love items that are personalized. Thanks Randee!!

Here is sweet Gray with her baby doll as she refers to baby Layton. She called him a "her" all weekend but then would say that Layton was her brother. She was too cute all weekend with him and was such a big helper. My sister Christy is pregnant with her second little girl and we saw a glimpse as to what a wonderful big sister Gray is going to be. I love this little picture of them together.

I snapped this picture of Layton the other night right before he went to bed and I must say he looks like he is already praying:) Sweet boy!

Matt ordered this adorable stork for the yard this past week. It was waiting in the yard to greet us when we got home from the hospital. It was such a sweet gift for our welcome home and the neighbors were so nice about dropping by and bringing some homemade goodies for us to munch on.

Well last week was full of fun but it was also full of doctors appointments for both Layton and I. We came home on Tuesday and by Friday Layton had been to 2 doctors and Mommy had been to the ER:) So I must say it was a crazy first few days home. So if you have called and I have not called you back yet it is because things are just now settling down:) Layton had a great visit to see his doctor. While we were at his appointment the doctor did point out to us that Layton's ears were still not as open (like a flower) as they should be. So we were sent to a pedi plastic surgeon on Friday to have him fitted for some ear molds. He has to wear them for about 6 weeks but Layton does not seem to even notice they are on his ears. He slept through the whole procedure and he has not messed with them yet:) They just fit right over his ears and they are stuck on there with a special adhesive. Poor baby...I think they hurt his mommy more than they bother him:) Here is a picture of him with them on.

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The Wells Family said...

Lindsey, he is a good-lookin baby! I hope you're okay and feeling better! I can't imagine the stress and exhaustion you were experiencing having to go to the ER so soon after having Layton. Can't wait to watch him grow!

Anonymous said...

he is one handsome fellow!!!! Congratulations again guys

Jeff G