Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am growing!

Well our little guy is now 19 days old...I can't believe almost 3 weeks have gone by. Time flies when your days run into your nights and you don't even know what day of the week it is:) Matt and I are enjoying every minute with Layton....he has been such a good baby. He stays pretty happy most of the time. We took him to the doctor on Friday and he now weighs 10lbs 1 oz. He is growing out of his newborn outfits already! Here are a few pictures from this past week. Layton loves his new play mat. He will lay on it for about 20 minutes and just listen to the songs and look at all of the colorful animals hanging from the top. This mat allows mommy to do some housework and cooking since those times are now far and few between. I really must say I have never seen my house so clutter day I will have time to pick it up..I hope!
Layton loves bath time...he does not cry at all. Anytime I run water or do the dishes Layton will just listen with his eyes wide open. I think Layton's love of the sound of water may come from his mommy spending so much of her time pregnant in the water:) I went to water aerobics 3 times a week during my pregnancy and then took a bath every night. He is too cute in his little bath towel:) It is tricky to not get his ear molds wet when I bathe him so I can't wait until he does not have them anymore.
I love to watch him when he is sleeping...he just looks so peaceful. If only I could sleep that good:) I seem to sleep so lightly these days. I can hear all of his little noises at night. You can see his little ear molds up close in this picture. He got a new set of them on Tuesday and he is doing great with them.

It has been so cold that we have not gotten out much....only to go to the doctor a few times and out to eat. It is hard to dress such a tiny person in warm clothes that will not make him uncomfortable. Liz and David gave us this cute shirt and hat from Gymboree and it made a great cold Winter day outfit this week. He looked like a little lumber jack all day:) Thanks David and Liz!

LOL...I love this picture. His eyes are a little crossed in this one I know but his little face is just so cute. Here he is sitting in his daddy's lap watching the super bowl game.

Tomorrow we are going to brave the cold and head to Northpark mall before mommy goes house crazy!! Stay warm!

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Anne and Andy said...

I'm so glad you posted all of these pictures! He is absolutely gorgeous. I know what you mean about becoming a light sleeper - Claire's been sleeping through the night for 5 mo now and I am still up constantly throughout the night! :( It's a mommy curse I think!

coneandmo said...

He's getting big! Can't wait to see him in person.
I'm glad that you clarified he was in Matt's lap, I was wondering if maybe you didn't have time to shave. heehee!

The Wells Family said...

He is such a good looking baby...and I'm not just saying that! What a sweetie! Can't wait to watch him grow.

Anonymous said...

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