Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Working on my melon

Layton got his new helmet on Monday! He has been such a good sport about wearing it. I think he hardly knows it is there...that is until it is bedtime. We are still working on him finding the most comfortable position but it has gotten better each time he goes down for a nap. Here he is sporting his new helmet that Mommy decorated. We are set to have it wrapped by 360 Wraps in July but I had so much fun picking out stickers and decorating it that I might just do that all Summer instead. Layton will be in this helmet for about 6-8 weeks. We hope the time will fly by fast.
A half smile was all that he would give me today.....kinda makes for a funny looking face. Have you ever tried to get a baby to smile at you for the camera.....I did everything but stand on my head and this is what I got:)

cute little crab on the side.......we sure do love Summer time around here.

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Halie said...

Aww, he still looks just as adorable in it! You did a great job decorating it, too! Sweet boy!

The Cobbs said...

He looks like Matt wearing a football helmet:) I know your flexible baby won't even notice it in a couple of days!