Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Layton's Dedication

Layton was dedicated to the Lord on Father's day and it was such a sweet day for Matt and I. As Layton's parents we are so proud always but, we also know that with the title of parent that God is making it our responsibility to teach and guide Layton. Matt and I want to be living examples of how to love and follow after the Lord. We want Layton to understand the value of prayer and the importance of a loving relationship with the Lord. We had a small brunch at our home after the service. I enjoyed getting everything ready this past week for his big day. Here are a few pictures from the party for some of my sweet family that was not able to join us.
I hung this adorable cross (from my aunt Randee) on the candles by the food. It was perfect since it was blue and it had his initials on it. Love this little cross.

Of course I love monograms so I had to have his initials almost everywhere!

Sweet picture by the cake

Cute water bottles that were so fun to make.

Candles and a cute picture of Layton that I had on the food table.

Yummy cake from the La Rosette bakery in Richardson......they make such great cakes if you ever need a cake for something.
Layton's precious outfit for his dedication. The little guy is so wiggly that when I tried to take a picture of it for memories you could not see the detail at the top. I just love this little bubble outfit.

Layton's Grammie (my step-mom), Tara and Jami

My dad and Layton

Me, Susu (my Mom) and Babs (Matt's Mom)
Babs, Layton and Matt
Matt and I pray that someday Layton will trust Jesus Christ as his savior. I can imagine that someday it will be pure joy to know that our children are walking in truth.

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