Tuesday, August 31, 2010

7 Months!

Well peeps that is right I am now 7 months old...even though anyone that looks at me thinks I am 9 or 10 months old. All I have to say about that is "bring on the basketball contracts folks!"

7 months has flown by and Matt and I are trying hard to soak up every minute of these precious times. The Lord has truly blessed us with such an amazing little boy. I can already tell he will be kind, loving towards others, and such a great friend as he grows older. He is also the best little snuggle bunny a mommy could ask for!

Here is "Mr. Cutie cuterson" as I like to call him. We are waiting on his second helmet which we will get today:( so here are a few shots over the past few weeks while we were helmet free.

At the moment some of his fav daily activities include...but are not limited to:

1. his walker (please take note that my child can only go backwards in his walker and not forwards...so I have total faith that he will do WELL in the parallel parking part of his driving test.)

2. Johnny Jumper- LOVES this!...and can I say thank you Lord that he wears a helmet! I have heard some pretty bad crashes into the side of the door frame from the vigorous jumping...and if he had not had on the helmet I am afraid that would have been the last of the johnny jump up for awhile. LOL...he loves it!
my little frog man!

3. Naps- my son loves him some good naps- he is too funny if you don't get him in his bed right away when it is nap time he almost has a fit. Only problem is we are having a hard time getting him to sleep anyplace but his crib. If we leave town or he goes to the babysitter for the afternoon...he thinks "party" and will NOT go to sleep easily. Thank goodness we stay at home a lot right now.

4. Rolling, rolling and more rolling! I let Layton go to town in our family room. He has bunches of toys and I put them all over the room. I can put him in the middle of the room and he will roll or army crawl to the toys. He has a blast doing this and it is great that our family room has such soft carpet for him to play on. He can spin around really fast to get something behind him and is quite the roller these days. I think this little man is going to crawl pretty soon...then I think, I will have another can of worms on my hands

Here he is....the MAN, the MYTH...the LEGEND! That is what Matt says to Layton everyday...it just cracks me up for some reason. Doesn't he look so chill hanging out in his highchair?? His face says.."don't mess with me...I am part of the highchair mafia!!

Total mug shot! I know he is thinking..."does anybody around here have anything else to eat but this cardboard oatmeal stuff??" ohh I know...how about another bite of that ice cream dad let me try on the sly at Dickey's BBQ...you got any of that??!!!
Layton is still doing a great job eating. He loves almost any fruit and veggie I give him. He is still not a fan of carrots and prunes but, who is?

Umm...excuse me! Just check'in out my bum here.

My little escape artist is looking for a hole....I just know it!

What?? Did you expect anything more from me at 7 months?

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coneandmo said...

Your son likes naps? Are you sure he's your kid? LOL! He must take after daddy on that one.

Anne and Andy said...

Oh my gosh the bum picture is adorable!!