Monday, August 2, 2010

If I could walk.....I would be at training camp TODAY!!

About 3 weeks ago Layton had his helmet wrapped by 360 wraps. They have an awesome owner who runs a non-profit at his company (Wrap Buddies)that wraps DOC bands for little kiddos for free. So Layton is now working on his melon Dallas Cowboy's style!! It looks like he only has 2-3 more week in his helmet. Boy are we glad because we are cooking in the heat here in Texas. It is going to be a cool 104* today:) He looks so cute and his helmet is so cool now for sure!!

Day 1 Dallas Cowboy's training camp
My mommy runs a tight training camp for sure!!
They were cool enough to put his name on the front. Of course we dressed him in his Dallas Cowboy's outfit for the big dayShowing off the backside:)

I love this little picture....wonder what he is looking at?

My two favorite men...buddies for life. The joy of football for these two will last a lifetime. My favorite time of the day is when daddy gets home from work, after dinner, when Layton and Matt sit and watch the Ranger's game together.....priceless. Can't wait for Texas Tech/Cowboy football season to start!

cutest little man I know waking up from a nap......always so happy to see Mommy!

The little green monster....he has gotten so aggressive with the chew toys lately:) This one cracks me up!

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halie said...

Aww--he is such a cutie pie!!