Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Galveston Family Trip

This past week we headed to Galveston for some much needed lazy days and some fun time with family. I had so many pictures from the trip it was hard to pic just a few for the blog.... Sweet Gray soaking in some sun and loving the ocean water...or the big swimming pool as she referred to it:)
Matt's brother Scott and wife Shannon took the trip with us. We try to take a family vacation every Summer. This Summer Todd (Christy's husband was not able to come b/c he is sick right now...pray for his if you think of him they are running some tests to see what is wrong with him.) Once again we had a blast....can't wait until next year!

My little surfer dude!

Gray getting water for her 5 seconds of "I am going to build a sand castle" . I don't blame her...it is kinda hard to build a sand castle in the Galveston mud:)

Gray with my sister seeing the ocean for the first time....she was too funny calling it a "big pool" all weekend.

love seeing palm trees...it means I am near a beach which is my favorite spot to be

lots and lots of fun in the sun!

such a sweet picture of Gray with the joy of being at the beach written all over her face

Matt showing Layton the ocean for the first time

Point West is where we rented a house....a great place if you ever want to take a trip to Galveston

lazy days!

Inside the beach house

great porch where we grilled out and ate and relaxed

front of the beach house

Pier just down the street from the house

Some of my favorite guys!

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