Monday, December 24, 2007

And you thought Santa flew a sleigh........ we thought but this Christmas Santa Matt got the opportunity to fly my Uncles Mark's plane in if your presents are a little late it is because this was Santa Matt's first time behind the Piper Comanche of my Uncle Mark's 4 seater airplane. Matt went with my cousins Scott and Bryan and my Uncle Mark to a hanger in Midland to fly my Uncles plane on Christmas Eve.

Here is Matt in the hanger helping to get things ready for the trip up in the sky:) Don't you love how he matches the plane from head to toe...yes I dressed him for this event.....totally kidding!!!

This is a shot from the cockpit when they first took off. They flew at 5000 feet around Odessa and Midland.

Houston....Houston we have a problem. Here is Matt looking so studly with his flight headgear on. Matt did the pre-flight checklist with mission control on the ground. I think he thought he was Maverick in Top Gun.

My cousin Bryan took this picture from the back seat of the plane looking out the front window. That is Matt on the right actually flying the plane. If you notice out the front window thank God the horizon is where it should be.

Here is the beautiful Midland, Texas out the right cockpit window. Matt had an isle seat so he was in charge of the emergency exit if one was needed during the flight:) What a fun day the boys had and what a great opportunity for Matt. We really enjoyed this beautiful Christmas Eve.


thecobbsfamily said...

MayDay MayDay!! :-)

Merry Christmas Flesher Family!

coneandmo said...

Sounds like fun! Glad Matt got to fulfill his TopGun dreams. :)
Merry Christmas! Love ya!