Sunday, December 16, 2007

Flesher / Griswald's Hang Christmas Lights

Well it is the 1st Griswald/Flesher Chirstmas!!! Look at this handsome/bank robber looking husband:) Matt and I got a notice on our door last week that our apartment complex is having a contest for the best decorated porch.....well if you know my husband then you know as you can tell from the pics he has already started the decorating.....I think I have married a Griswald:) This man had out the hammer, ladder, drill and one big Christmas spirit.

Matt right after he hung the stars.....poor thing was outside for hours as he had to drill holes to hang the stars from the ceiling. It looks much better at night.

Ohh almost done!!! We did not have to buy any of these lovely items....we figure that the prize is $200.00 so we did not want to spend money to get money......all of these items were kindly donated from our lovely mothers Susan and Babs:) The voting is Dec. 23rd....we will keep you posted if we win!

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Anonymous said...

"Is your house on on fire Clark." "No Aunt Bethany, it's the Christmas Lights."

Lights look good...someone has good skills with exterior illumination!!!!!

Merry Christmas Flesher family,